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Cutaway of the Price is Right using male models showcasing prizes, and the contestants aren't thrilled.

Lois complains about outstretched undies. Peter explains what he and the guys were doing with them.

Lois and the gang go to the mall. Peter wants to ride the train, but is told the train is only for kids. 

Brian falls for a woman working at a jewelry store and buys an expensive diamond to impress her and make her think he's a millionaire.

Peter is in a video store playing video games, Lois wants to leave, but he's not done yet. Lois says she's leaving. When Peter is done he is looking for Lois, but she's not around. He's lost and scared. Another guy is looking for Lois too, because he thinks if Lois is married to a guy like Peter, she'll be easy to get into bed.

Silence of the Lamb cutaway. 

Peter is at the cosmetic counter getting dolled up, explaining how he's lost.

Brian is on the phone with Shelby planning a date. Chris ate the ring because he dared himself. Brian won't be able to return the ring until Chris poops it out.

Peter gets locked in the mall. He rides the train and pretends he's in the Speed movie and cranks the train to full speed.

The next morning he is rescued and interviewed by Channel 5's newest correspondent, Dallas Portland.

Lois sees Peter on TV and calls Bonnie, but she's more interested in Dallas than Peter.

Brian is at the health food store looking for something to help Chris poop.

Cutaway to "All sex is rape" bit.

Peter is at the Clam and runs into Tom Tucker who tells his Dallas Portland tale of woe. The station is grooming Portland to take over as anchor. Peter vows to help Tucker.

The Voice cutaway.

They put together a skating video.

Peter gets attacked by a bear. Bear at the mall cutaway.

Brian and Stewie take Chris to a restaurant for their poop-inducing meal.

Peter watches the news with Lois. The new and improved Tom Tucker comes on, but gets fired on air. Lois admonishes Peter for making Tucker lose his job.

Peter attacked by bear again.

Charlie Rose cutaway.

Brian, Stewie, and Chris sitting around the table, admonishing each other.

Billy Zane cutaways.

Peter visits Tucker at home and apologizes. Tucker tries to jump off roof, but Peter stops him. Turns the story around and make it seem like Peter was the one who was going to jump, but Tucker saved him.

Chris still hasn't pooped, but Brian has to return the ring in a few minutes or he'll be stuck with it, so they go to mall and get into the store just before the doors close. Chris has diarreah off screen. Brian returns the ring.

Tucker gets his job back.

The rich guy from the mall is still looking for Lois.


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