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Peter is at a meeting at the Brewery on how to market to Millennials.

They meet Hammer who transforms Peter into a Millennial after vaping with him.

Hammer gets hit by a truck because he doesn't look up from his phone and dies.

Everyone is at Hammer's wake and Peter is promoted to head of social media to take Hammer's place.

Peter is at the Clam trying to work with the guys about putting together a social media plan.

He comes up with Six Second Talk Show. It's a success and some guy from Silicon Valley visits them via hologram to work with him.

Peter goes into what he thinks is a gender fluid bathroom and it's a server room that ends up destroying the internet.

The end of the internet causes chaos and craziness.

Peter tries to recreate the Internet without technology.

It doesn't work so he uses the rice trick to fix the server and the internet is back on and everyone is at their phone and it turns into a Twilight Zone episode.


Family Guy
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Family Guy Season 16 Episode 18 Quotes

Peter, that's the problem with kids today. They have no attention span.


First, I'd like to not thank you for hiring me, because I just expect good things to happen to me without working for them.