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SVU is called to the scene in an alley where a woman has been beaten and is unconscious, possibly raped. Rollins notes that the woman's stockings are on backwards. She wonders if a pimp beat her. Fin says that pimps don't hurt their source of income and that they are looking for a john.

At the hospital, Fin and Rollins interview the victim, who says her name is Sky. She won't give a last name and won't talk about what happened to her.

Rollins tells Carisi she doesn't see why they have to investigate rape cases involving prostitutes when they chose to put themselves in risky positions. She doesn't believe anyone could be forced into prostitution.

Sky leaves the hospital against medical advice. Rollins is not nice to her when she comes to the police station. Benson talks to her and develops rapport with her. She gets Sky to give her her real name and tell her what happened to her. Sky has a money clip one of the men left behind and it turns out he was in the US Army.

Fin and Carisi go to the Army base where they get stonewalled. A private named Billy confesses to the rape and is arrested. Sky says that Billy did not rape her and she doesn't understand why he confessed. Benson says Billy is protecting his friends. Sky is touched that Benson refers to herby her real name, Sandi. The last time she heard that name was right before her mother died.

Sky/Sandi looks at photos and IDs Sergeant James Preston and his superior, Tyler Jones. But Stone doesn't want to move forward with the case without physical evidence.

Preston refuses to rat on his superior officer even after Carisi says they can place him at the scene. He is arrested.

Rollins talks to Billy and says she can tell he loves Sky. She shows him the photos of Sky beaten up. He agrees to testify.

Preston and Jones go to trial. Bail is set at $50k and the defense attorney smirks that no one will believe a hooker over two decorated soldiers. Stone refuses to make any deals anyway.

On the stand, the defense attorney questions Sandi about her habits as a prostitute and tries to claim that being beat up is part of standard business practice. He is rude and dismissive despite Stone's objections until the judge finally silences him.

Billy testifies but lies and says that after he had sex with Sandi the guys all went home. He says he lied before to get the cops off his back. When Stone confronts him, SVU realizes he is afraid of being punished in the military for making unsubstantiated accusations about a superior officer.

Sandi is humiliated and complains to Rollins that she didn't want to do this. Rollins says she's sorry she missed work and pays her $300. Sandi says she has lost the little bit of self-respect that SVU believing in her gave her and throws the money at Rollins.

The cops lean on Preston but he won't talk. Carisi tells Benson that blood found in the room belongs to Preston -- but is genetically female. Preston is transgender and afraid he will be dismissed if he testifies.
Benson talks to Preston who says that with a stroke of a Tweet his career could be over. Benson points out that Tweet did not become law, but Preston says the battle isn't over and things could change at any time. Benson points out that Preston joined the army because he loves his country. She encourages him to stand up for what's right.
Preston agrees to testify in exchange for charges against him being dropped. On the stand, the defense attorney asks if he is gay since he didn't want to have sex with Sky. For some reason the judge thinks this is relevant. The defense attorney badgers Preston. Preston says he is transgender.
The defense attorney says that Preston used to be a woman. Preston tries to correct him. The defense attorney tries to imply that Preston being transgender makes him untrustworthy because he "lied" about being a man. Preston says it is in his medical forms. Eventually the defense attorney is made to stop.
Jones is found guilty of rape. Preston is surprised that his troops all salute him.
Rollins meets Sandi at a restaurant and apologizes. She was angry because a guy she's been dating cheated on her with escorts. Sandi tells her it's not about her, it's about the guy lacking something.
Law & Order: SVU
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Law & Order: SVU Season 19 Episode 17 Quotes

Fin: You got a name?
Skye: Everyone has a name.

Rollins: It's a little cold to be out without a coat. Hold up. Her stockings are on backwards.
EMT: Maybe she got dressed in a hurry.
Rollins: Or maybe she didn't dress herself. Hooker's night gone bad? Maybe a pimp?
Fin: Pimps know the girls are their bread and butter. No pimp would leave her to die.
Rollins: A john, then?
Fin: A john who's not afraid to kill.