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Rollins is walking her dog and tlaking to Fin about his wedding. She's happy that he is getting married. Meanwhile, a homeless woman and her son stop to pet a stranger's dog before they go to a shelter that the boy feels looks like jail.

The kid has to do his homework outside because there's no WiFi inside. A guy wearing a security hat gives them a number. The apartment is huge and the kid is excited.

Rollins asks Carisi to officiate for Fin. Meanwhile, the landlord appears to be having sex with the woman from earlier. A neighbor, Ms. Swanson, knocks on the door and says this isn't this kind of building. Rosa slams the door on her.

Ms. Swanson makes a complaint to SVU and demands to see the boss. She reports to Benson that she thinks there is prostitution going on in this apartment but doesn't want the little boy to go into a shelter. Benson agrees to investigate.

Kat thinks Ms. Swanson is a busybody. Fin says they have to investigate anyway. Rosa denies doing anything wrong and says Swanson is making false accusations. Fin talks to Felipe who says he puts his headphones on when his mom is in the bedroom because if they do anything wrong they're going back to the shelter.

Fin and Benson conclude that Rosa is being trafficked.

Rosa won't talk to the cops. Her son is happy -- why can't they leave her alone? 

Benson gets surveillance footage. They ID Paulie, but not the other men.

SVU tries to quesiton a former tenant who says Betty Swanson is still causing trouble when she's gone and refuses to ID any of the other men. She says a guy named Anton who works for Paulie set her up in this apartment. 

Benson fills Garland in but he's interrupted by his assistant -- he has to be deposed in the Brown case again.

The cops go to listen to a woman who used to be homeless and now has a doctorate in social justice. She may know the trafficking world.  She will do what she can. She will find out who runs the lottery. She is called away by a Congressman's chief of staff. Rollins recgonizes him as one of the men on the tape.

Carisi hangs up with Nicole. He tells Benson that Nicole thinks weddings are a tool of the patriarchy. They had a fight because he wants to get married and have kids.

Garland is in with a chief who is angry that Garland wants police reform and accuses Garland of thinking he's b etter than everyone else. Garland comes out after he leaves and asks did Benson and Carisi hear anything.  Anyway, they talk about the case and Garland is doubtful that Ortiz is part of the trafficking ring. Benson wants to bring Ortiz in. Garland says they need more evidence before they can do that with someone this powerful. Benson realizes moms talk. 

Rollins goes undercover and talks to low-income women in a laundry room. Turns out one of the trafficked women is the ex of that friend of Fin's who shot a guy outside the courthouse. Fin and Rollins go to talk to him. She wants to get her daughter back. She says she doesn't recognize any of the men. She says she got this apartment legit. She won't talk but eventually says Ruben Ortiz is her boyfriend and says she signed an NDA, then kicks them out.

Later, Fin is frustrated that Phoebe keeps inviting people to the wedding when COVID is still a ting.

Ortiz comes in and says his relationships are consensual and claims he was told so. He doesn't want to say who. His lawyer says he has a lot of info about high profile people involved.

Ortiz gave up COngressman Howard as well as Paulie's boss and several other bigwigs. They are all connected to Proud Life. Benson gently tells Garland that Marcado may be involved. Garland doesn't think so. He agrees to send in a CI.

The cops use Lulu, who asks Marcado for a new lawyer and says the cops questioned her about Ruben etc. She thinks the cops will help her get her daughter back. Marcado says she owes her after what she made her do with those guys. They get what they need but Benson has to clear the arrest with Garland.

Benson and Carisi talk to Garland who is upset and disappointed (and looks like he may be having chest pains). Garland is all stressed out. Carisi and Benson see McGrath and some other cops turn their back on Garland.

Garland attends a meeting where he is accused of not doing his job because more rape arrests have taken place and brings up Jayvon Brown and says Garland has an inflated sense of self-worth. He calls him a failure.

Carisi is on the phone with Nicole. She isn't coming to the wedding. Marcado comes to talk. Carisi says they are not open to a deal. Marcado claims she is doing the right thing because she is helping mothers get out of homelessness. Benson can't stand this. Carisi is willing to listen. The lawyer says there are Senators etc involved.

Rosa thinks that this means they are going to lose the apartment. Benson tells her no, the bad guys are being arraigned and Rosa can keep the apartment. Rosa cries.

At the wedding Carisi tells Benson Marcado is making a deal. But he wants to rehearse for th ceremony.

Rollins thought she might be late.

Fin shows up with Phoebe and says they are not getting married today. They have decided not to get married because they have a good thing going, so they are going to have a non-marriage party.

Chief Garland wanders into the party. Benson goes to tell him he didn't miss anything -- how was the meeting? He says he's going to take a few days off. The doctor wants to run tests, and also the Old Guard is coming ofr him. But he is not going quietly.

Stabler shows up and is sorry he missed the ceremony. Benson fills him in.

Carisi reads his officiation speech to Rollins. She has tears in her eyes. . Rollins kisses him. (FINALLY!)

Stabler puts Benson's coat on for him. She gives him wine. Stabler asks how Fin and Phoebe met. Benson says she was Fin's first partner. She and Stabler drink to partners.


Law & Order: SVU
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Law & Order: SVU Season 22 Episode 16 Quotes

Kat: My guess: Ms. Swanson's a busybody.
Fin: May be, but we still gotta follow up.

Kat: Lots of post-pandemic weddings. It's gonna be hard to find a venue.
Fin: I don't need a venue.
Rollins: Yes you do, and you need someone to marry you. [Carisi comes in] Carisi, you still have your minister's license, right?
Carisi: You don't need me to -
Rollins: Yes, we do. For Fin.
Fin: Friday the 28th. I don't know where, but be there.