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A military expedition searches for the Tarim. They discover a pentagram composed of Tarim bodies, all with their vocal cords removed. The Bellweather Unit is still processing Alder's coverup. Abigail has to deliver Libba's eulogy. Izadora suspects that the supposedly-extinct Camerea, not the Spree, were behind the attack at the Bellweather wedding and upon the Tarim. But Alder refuses to buy that. She makes finding the handful of remaining Tarim the priority. Tally wants to tell someone in authority what really happened during the attack on the Spree. She wants Abigail to approach her mother Petra. Khalida refuses Alder's offer of help. The unit informs Petra about the hostages and the Spree Scylla being held captive on base.  Alder wants to send Scylla to a prison of no return. At Libba's funeral, Abigail tosses her prewritten eulogy and speaks from her heart. Afterward, Tally and Gerit hook up. Scylla makes a deal with Anacostia: Let her see Raelle one more time and she'll tell Anacostia how she became Spree. President Wade won't let Alder pursue the Tarim. Then Wade fires her, for keeping her in the dark about Scylla. Anacostia offers Raelle the chance to say goodbye to Scylla but Raelle refuses. Petra tells Abigail changes are coming. Hillary walks in on Tally and Gerit but she justs wants to join them. Tally storms off. Adil tells Abigail about the attack on the Tarim. She warns him to hold off on accepting Alder's help. They kiss. Raelle changes her mind and visits Scylla. Alder and her Biddies possess Wade when she's making her speech to the nation, giving Alder the power to impose martial law while pursuing the Spree. Anacostia figures out what's happening. Anacostia informs the Bellweather Unit that Alder puppeted Wade and warns them they could be in danger. 


Motherland: Fort Salem
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