Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 11 Review: Playtime

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What does it mean when the board game was the scene stealer?

On Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 11, the liars discover that A.D. is still at large, and they aren't any safer than they thought they were. Now they are trying to move on while the chaos from Season 7 Episode 10 is still haunting them along with a brand new board game.

I have to say, this new twist from A.D. might save the conclusion of the show because the stakes didn't seem that big for a while.

A Gift from A - Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 11

This might just be me, but A.D. could be anyone, so this new form of torturing the liars brings it a full circle as to why I started watching to begin with. 

This board game is actually very elaborate, hiding a lot inside, and it's hauntingly perceptive. It might be weird to care this much about a game, but that might be their downfall, and just like most things that A.D. has done so far, that was very well executed.

Although I do want to know if they could just break the game to see what other secrets and rewards were inside.

There might be twists, but the general spotlight seems to be on everyone trying to move forward. But there is only so much they can do when the recent past is still around waiting to strike.

Spencer's past was explored the most this time around. Looks like Mary Drake really is her mother because if this show has taught us anything it's that having sex with Peter Hastings never ends well.

Getting invested in this back story doesn't look very possible. It's a little too late for such a big revelation, especially when it doesn't shift the story in any direction.

This moves Spencer along, but does it really matter? Mary Drake is a new character, and we didn't have enough time to care about her before she was pushed to the forefront.

Caleb: What's the big idea?
Hanna: I'm just making sure that you're real.

Unless it contributes somehow to the big reveal it is just a weird way to stir up some things for Spencer to figure out when she has more than enough on her plate already.

Now about that Spencer and Toby moment. How messed up is it that a freaking board game was what pushed her to go visit him? 

Toby is going through a lot, and as someone who is meant to care about him, Spencer should have gone there without the promise of a reward from A.D. 

Obviously, it wasn't the main reason why she went, but she didn't go until the game told her to, and that wasn't cool.

And a fun side note has to be a shout-out to Toby's glasses. He looked very adorable in such a serious situation, and I'm voting that he keeps them around for every occasion.

Aria, on the other hand, only has one big thing on her plate, Ezra and his old love. Their relationship isn't that captivating, especially since Aria is the only one fully invested in it right now.

It makes sense for Ezra to be wrapped up in Nicole being alive and well, but he proposed to another woman. We can safely assume that he did that with the knowledge that he loves and cares for her.

The fact that he hasn't told Nicole that things are different now is a bit strange, but he will obviously not leave Aria. I wish he would show that more because he is coming off very distant, and I don't want to see that continue as the theme of these next few episodes.

Since Aria and Ezra are going to end up together, there are only so many things that throw them off course for a while before it starts getting old.

It's my nightmare, not yours.


Hanna and Mona were an interesting highlight for me. Call it nostalgia, but if we are saying goodbye, I love reminders of who we said hello to.

Hanna and Mona were friends in the beginning, and there is such a shift in their relationship. It might not be stable all the time, but it is healthier and more fun to experience. They have really come a long way since they were shoplifting in a mall as a way to push their limits. 

I do hope we see more of them, maybe even with Mona joining the liars as they try to figure out what to do next.

Mona isn't meant to be a big part of the liars group, but she always knows what to do somehow which makes me wonder if they will reach a point where that is exactly what they will need. 

Caleb and Hanna in domestic bliss was actually very great because at least there is one main love life we shouldn't be worried about. 

Every liar has to deal with A.D. alongside their romantic life spiraling out of control. Hanna is the one actually set in that department, and it makes so much sense.

Caleb and Hanna were always in sync. They worked in a way that other couples may not have, so if any pair was going to get to that finish line first, I am very glad it was them.

What?! - Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 11

Pregnancy storylines are my worst nightmare, which is exactly why I am hoping Alison doesn't get swallowed up in her own storyline.

It's only been a small amount of time, but she has already shifted back a bit in terms of her personality. 

Maybe it won't change much, but I think Alison should share this news with the rest of her friends. She is holding too much in, and as a result, is hurting the only person who can be there for her right now.

Emily and Alison are wonderful together, but it's been how long, and Alison is still hurting Emily. Kissing her without knowing what she wanted hurt both of them more than it helped Alison in that moment. 

This return to Rosewood set up a wonderful conclusion, creating something for the group to worry about while battling their own demons apart from all that. 

But the clock is ticking and everyone, especially us, deserves some answers. It's been more than enough time, so I am really hoping we continue to get more of an explanation for pretty much everything instead of new questions being posed to keep us distracted.

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What did you think of the return? Which liar's personal life do you care about more right now? What could you do without? Do you have any clue who A.D is?

Let us know below.

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