Mysterious Side Effects - Riverdale
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Betty, Archie, and Jughead tell Alice and Frank what happened due to the explosion at Archie's house. Alice takes Betty to the hospital to get checked out.

Frank questions Archie about the exploded house. They hear Bingo's whimpering coming from beneath a pile.

Jughead tells Tabitha and Pop Tate about the explosion. Tabitha agrees to let Jughead stay at her place. Jughead experiences some hearing issues with sound.

Kevin wants to take another shot on Broadway. Fangs and Toni tell Kevin the truth about them starting to date. Both Kevin and Cheryl get calls about the explosion.

Nana Blossom tells Cheryl that she burned Abigail Blossom's curse. Cheryl thinks she can find the curse in the Blossom library.

Bingo survived being crushed under the explosion, but all four of his legs were broken. Bingo has to stay at the Vet until he heals a bit.

Jughead starts losing his hearing while using his typewriter. Jughead is changing his article about the explosion to be about Hiram's criminal legacy.

Toni learns that the Ghoulies have a new leader: Twyla Twist. She wants to defuse the tension while Fangs wants to take them down.

Cheryl conducts a ritual to try to remove the curse from Archie, Betty, and Jughead. However, she discovers that the candles didn't burn throughout the night. She thinks Nana Blossom caused it.

Betty is fine, but she only has a few cracked ribs. Neither Betty nor Archie understand how they survived the explosion.

Betty sees a strange red aura around an orderly (Trevor) at the hospital.

Jughead receives a call about the Wallbeat Journal planning to run his article. Tabitha notices Jughead's hearing is off. Meanwhile, Veronica is having Hermosa look into Hiram to bring him into the FBI.

Archie works out and notices that his weight has shot up by 30 pounds.

Hermosa agrees to help Veronica find Hiram in exchange for immunity for herself. Meanwhile, Betty has the FBI start their case against Hiram. She has one of the agents look into the mysterious orderly, Trevor.

Veronica plans to put a bounty on Hiram's head. She wants him to pay for everything he caused them.

Glenn tries to hit on Betty, but she rebuffs his advances. She sees the red aura around him. After punching him, the red aura disappears.

Mary Andrews returns to Riverdale and cries after seeing the destroyed home. Mary is surprised that Archie and Betty survived the explosion; she thinks Fred protected them from beyond the grave.

Veronica places a $2 million bounty on Hiram's head with an assassin. Reggie calls her and reveals that his father had a heart attack.

Twyla reveals that Hiram still plans to pay the Ghoulies. He pays them to continue trashing the town and to kill Archie.

While cleaning up the mess, Archie discovers that he has super-human strength. Cheryl checks on her candles and finds them unburnt.

Marsha, the agent, confirms Betty's theory about Trevor, and she gives Betty the heads-up about what Glenn did.

Archie confronts the Ghoulies about them placing a bomb under his bed.

Anatola sends Veronica proof that he completed his goal.

Archie is covered in Ghoulie blood; he didn't have any injuries during their fight. Meanwhile, Tabitha confronts Jughead about his hearing problems. He's worried that it will cause him more issues.

Betty interrogates Trevor about the recent death of the nurse. Before he's able to attack Betty, Archie grapples with him and helps arrest him.

Betty and Archie confess the truth to each other about their new abilities. Betty also tells Archie the truth about her past with Glenn and his recent attempted attack.

Cheryl discovers that Britta was the one blowing out the candles. Abigal Blossom has possessed Britta's body. Nana Blossom believes that Abigail takes over Britta's body while she sleeps; they'll have to perform a banishment on Abigal Blossom.

Percival Pickens offers to purchase Mary's house.

Betty has all the men reassigned from the Hiram Lodge case. She also tells Glenn that he's now the subject of a sexual harassment investigation.

The doctors tell Jughead that he's nearly deaf in both ears.

Archie wants to purchase his house from Mary, but she's unsure what to do next.

Veronica lies to Reggie about calling off the hit on Reggie.

Nana Blossom and Cheryl conduct the banishment spell on Abigail Blossom. Britta is saved.

Twyla declares war on the Southside Serpents.

Archie confronts Glenn and starts a fight.

Abigail Blossom has taken over Cheryl's body; Nana Blossom has conducted a counterspell to move Abigail into Cheryl's body. Abigail blows out the three candles.

Kevin postpones his trip to look after Anthony during the Ghoulie and Serpent war.

Mary signs off the house to Archie.

Hermosa threatens Veronica about what she did to Hiram.

Betty and Archie stay together to fight all that comes for them. The vet calls Archie to say that Bingo's bones have completely healed.

The Trash Bag Killer is in the backseat of Glenn's car and suffocates him with a trash bag.

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Riverdale Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

Veronica: Daddy’s had many chances. A more permanent solution needs to happen, which is why I’m reaching out to the underworld and putting a bounty on his head.
Reggie: Ronnie, no matter what Hiram did, he’s still your dad.
Veronica: It’s an act of self-preservation. My father will never stop gunning for us.

Glen: Are you seeing anyone lately?
Betty: Yeah. Archie.
Glen: Come on, that pipsqueak? He satisfies you, really?
Betty: A lot more than you ever did.