Supernatural Season 10 Episode 1 Review: Black

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Supernatural has made it to 10 seasons.

To think that its beginnings in 2005 (back on the WB no less) as a horror show across the country with two brothers saving people and hunting things would ultimately expand beyond that into a universe rich with mythology and characters is pretty remarkable.

It has certainly had its ups and downs over the years, but its the core characters, that Winchester brotherly relationship that has stayed strong and kept viewers coming back for more of their adventures whether its fighting ghosts, angels or each other.

And there’s nothing like a “The road so far” montage to get things started along with those beautiful title cards that change every season. You just can’t help but get excited to see what the next stage of the saga is going to be. It’s that fresh slate to begin new arcs and keep providing that Supernatural goodness.

So after that major eye-opening moment at the end of Supernatural Season 9 Episode 23, I’d been really curious to see demon Dean and how Sam would be dealing with such a drastically new change.

It’s especially interesting that where many of the the more recent premieres have dealt with various “big bads” or major supernatural aspects, Supernatural Season 10 Episode 1 really seemed to focus on its core characters — Sam, Dean, Castiel and Crowley — rather than some world-ending dilemma.

It’s not surprising that Sam was adamantly trying to find his brother (he is a Winchester after all), but the amount of luck he was having wasn’t going very well. He's even gone to torturing demons pretty angrily to get info. And clearly a very sick Castiel, not feeling like a million bucks, wasn’t helping either.

Though I loved the contrast of the very down and out feelings for the “good guys” with Dean and Crowley boozing it up, enjoying karaoke (perhaps a little too much) and sleeping around. Clearly, this version of Dean is living it up in his own way, which is similar to the Dean we all know, but that violent side, that Mark of Cain side also played through.

Sure, he’s the “porn guy,” but he’s also the guy beating people up, killing plenty of Abaddon followers and being BFFs with Crowley. That’s just not normal.

It makes me very curious to see how Dean and Crowley do wind up working together, not only because it gives viewers a different pairing of characters to enjoy, but those two actors play off each other so well. And Crowley can’t help but be Crowley so well.

But to hear Dean on the phone basically brush off the possibility of Sam getting killed was a very different change. I believe he would follow through and kill that guy, but I also (sadly) believed in his cavalier attitude towards his brother’s situation.

C'mon, Dean! You're supposed to save your brother!

So, just who was the tough guy who captured Sam and was looking for some possible payback against Dean? And how long ago do he and Dean go back?

I’m really intrigued, especially because he didn’t claim to be another hunter or even some supernatural being. Plus, to end it on such a cliffhanger type of note right in the premiere? I’m excited to see what happens and just how Sam will manage to get out.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t as engrossed with Castiel’s trip with Hannah. While I really am glad that they are continuing to progress his sickness and dealing with that stolen grace, his whole adventure to try and get back angels, discussing the good side of humans, just seemed to interrupt the stuff with Sam and Dean, which I really wanted to see.

I’m definitely interested to know about how Sam hurt his arm, Castiel did mention that, or even seeing that pairing work together. And the angel fight was pretty cool, but overall Castiel’s journey was the weaker part of the hour for me.

That said, I’m thoroughly invested again in the series, the possibilities seem exciting, and the way the focus really locked in on the characters is always a plus. Especially, seeing as the changes to them and their world are dramatically different from when Sam and Dean first started their journey in the pilot.

It’s safe to say that Supernatural Season 10 has hit the ground the running, and the series still has plenty of gas left in its tank. Another round in the Impala we go.

What did you think of the premiere? What about demon Dean? Who is that guy that captured Sam? Sound off below and see the premiere again when you watch Supernatural online now.

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Black Review

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