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Philip is teaching Paige to drive. She's nervous for her first time.

Patty is visiting Young-Hee. They're talking about their mothers and the punishments they used to receive. Despite the friendship Elizabeth really likes with Young-Hee, as Patty, she has to lie the entire time.

Paige tells Philip about the sendoff trip for Pastor Time to go to Ethiopia. They should all go because it makes Pastor Tim think they're more normal.

Stan and Philip are playing racquetball when Stan notices Philip is on fire lately. Philip says they let go of a few accounts, and he's getting more sleep. Stan broke up with Tori. she just wasn't Sandra.

There's a group of guys they call the Munchkins who go after the director, dress like him and everything. That's his boss. Gaad retired. He was a great guy, never cared how the job got done as long as they could get the Russians.

There was a signal from William's site. He contacted them before Gabriel. Philip has a new disguise. He notes to William that Martha is in Moscow. He says she's free.

William tells Philip about a terrible new agent that's being tested on the fourth floor. He doesn't trust the Russians with it.

Everyone is watching The Day After. Everyone.

Afterward, Philip wonders if this one time they don't report back. It liquefies your organs. Elizabeth points out they're making that terrible substance to use on them. She'll look for something to use on Don. Don is Level 4. Finally, I see the connection.

Elizabeth is babysitting while they go on a weekend retreat.

Oleg is having sex with the quiet Russian lady. He's a very loud sex man.

After the sex, they discuss their differing childhoods. Apparently, the Russian nuclear missile detecting system noticed five missiles ready to be launched at at their country from the US. They hesitated. It was sunlight reflecting off of clouds. He says their backwards technology is dangerous. She says that's why he's here, to bring them up to date.

Paige is upset by The Day After. She hopes they're all together, wiped out really quick when it happens and don't have to get really sick.

Elizabeth is searching through all of her friend's belongings. She finds the porn stash. Searches through Don's appointment calendars. Looking for secrets is hard.

AT 6:15 in the morning, she was no closer to finding any dirt. At work, she's screaming and angry about a hotel package. Philip says they don't have to go through with it. He knows Elizabeth doesn't want to do it to her. They can tell the Center the operation failed. They can find another way in. She swears she'll be OK.

Elizabeth calls Don to get a ride home after an "argument" with some fake guy. Young-Hee is at a makeup seminar.

Philip and Paige are at the Ethiopia sendoff. Pastor Tim thanks Philip for the great travel package and shares with Philip about Paige. He thinks she's sad and burdened. He'd like to sit down with Philip, Elizabeth and Paige after he gets back, just to see where they're all at.

Elizabeth then asks Don to come into her apartment to help her move a chest her boyfriend was suppose to help her move. He starts to feel uncomfortable. She brings out wine and offers him a glass. She dopes it. There's no turning back.

To bolster Paige's mood, Philip takes Paige on another driving lesson – in the camero!

Don starts to sweat and feel a odd. Elizabeth kisses him when he tries to leave, and he passes out.

While Paige is driving the camero, Elizabeth has gotten Don naked and is undressing, climbing into beg beside him. She rubs lubricant onto Don's penis.

Don wakes up, humiliated, apologizes and leaves.

Elizabeth tells Philip she's going to miss Young-Hee.


The Americans
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The Americans Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

William: Where've you been? They told me all communication should go through the Center, not you.
Philip: We've been on a break.
William: A break? We get breaks?

William: I don't trust us with us.
Philip: Do you trust the Americans?
William: No. On the other hand, the threads on their seams work most of the time.