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Elizabeth and Philip are still in bed. She's playing with his nipples, noticing that one's bigger than the other. She assures him Martha is OK. Nothing has changed, nothing happened. He wonders if she thinks he's being stupid. No. She thinks he wants to do the right thing. He says Martha brought her into this.

Martha is getting ready for work, watching the news. She takes her gun with her.

Stan and Aderholt are going through files on Martha. Martha had an abortion in 1964, back when it was illegal and dangerous. She has a married boyfriend who she can never bring around. They find that interesting.

Philip tells William he wants another Glanders sample. William doesn't want to. Philip gives William the "you've been here 25 years" speech. William isn't impressed, but says tularemia is coming in next.

Philip talks to William about Martha. They feel somewhat similarly about their bosses.

Clark picks up Martha on the sidewalk and tells her what he knows. He says he has a place, promising her everything will be OK.

Clark takes Martha to the safe house. Gabriel meets them there. The way she is clinging to him is so upsetting. He ushers her off to make some tea.

Gabriel notices Philip is acting impulsively. Not just about Martha, but in general. Gabriel's plan is to send her back to work and act like nothing happened. Philip tells Gabriel Martha has seen him. Philip gets aggravated, takes off his wig and his glasses.

Soon, they're both cooking while Martha watches TV. Elizabeth shows up with groceries, in disguise. Martha can't believe she's a part of all this.

Elizabeth, on the other hand, can't believe Philip is without his disguise. He says it's been about three weeks. He said she was falling apart. He had to. She just stands there, slack jawed.

Elizabeth says he should have told her he was bringing her in, pours herself a glass of wine and gulps it. It's her shift. He should go home. He thinks it's better if he stays the night. Elizabeth shows herself out.

At home, Elizabeth is cooking Korean food. It's the food Young-Hee showed her how to make, in a bowl Young-Hee gave to her. With tofu.

Henry is still hoping for Epcot.

Martha realizes there is only one change of clothes for her. Clark says it won't be long. She then realizes Jennifer is not his sister. Is he involved with her? They've worked together for a long time. For who? For the KGB.

Martha tells Clark she needs him inside her. Come inside her. He does. Good God. This is terrible.

Gabriel is listening from the couch. He perks up for a moment. Perhaps he understands what's going on.

Stan and Aderholt are all over the fact Martha called in sick from work. If she wasn't in trouble before that, she sure as hell is now.

Martha wonders what happens next. She says maybe Aderholt will think he was mistaken and they can go back to the way things were. Philip says he wishes they could. She realizes tearfully she's never going home again. Stan and Aderholt are in her apartment.

Gabriel says he got an emergency signal from William. He's not going. Gabriel says he wouldn't send him just for anything. Philip says there's always "some reason." Gabriel assures him this isn't just "some reason" because without Martha's reports anyone could be after William and their people could be without defense if they were attacked.

Philip goes to tell Martha he's leaving, but he can't wake her. He sees her pills and her gun. He considers what to do, ultimately taking it with him.

Stan is asking if a drawing looks like Mr. Westerfeld. An older fellow says no. Aderholt notices the lack of personal issues at Clark's place and wants to take a look a tthe lease.

Oleg can't even get his mother to the phone. He wonders if he should be at work. Arkady comes in. They may need to extricate someone. An American. A secretary. They'll be taking her to Moscow. Good God.

The prints for Clark Westerfelt turned up two sets of prints. One for an 80 some odd year old man and the other for a 35-year-old attorney from Atlanta. Martha said her boyfriend was a businessman. Are laywers businessmen?

Stan and Aderholt go to talk to Gaad. He thinks it's crazy.

Philip and Elizabeth sure don't think so, as they're trying to get Martha on a ship out of the country. Good God.

William has a dead rat with tularemia. Apparently that's what they on the dock trying to do.

William gives kudos to William for bringing in Martha. When his wife Eliza was sent back, he wanted to take them on, but he couldn't.

Gabriel greets Martha in the kitchen. He offers to cook her an omelette. When she turns her back on him, I worry.

Gaad is blaming himself for keeping Martha in her station when he took over the office. Stan says no good deed... Maybe he got it wrong, Stan says. Maybe she took a sick day and is off with some perfectly legitimately Clark Westerfeld. Nope. Nobody but Martha could have put that pen there better than Martha. Gad realizes they could have killed Gene to protect her. She had access to everything.

In the safe house, Martha realizes her gun is missing. She has her coat on. She thinks she's going somewhere. In fact, she steps out and leaves. Gabriel asks her to come back now. Inside. Please. He assures her Clark is fine. She's going to make a scene. She screams at Gabriel. She doesn't know him. She knows what he is. Awww crap. She reveals to Gabriel that Clark told her the truth. This is so messed up!!

The Americans
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The Americans Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Philip: We need another Glanders sample. You've done it once. You can do it again.
William: Yeah, like I really want to do THAT again.

Stan: Do you find Martha attractive?
Aderholt: There's something sexy about her.