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As the new magazine has no advertising yet, Ben and Darlene aren’t making any money. Darlene is about to lose her car so she gets a job at Price Warehouse with Harris. Ben shaves his beard, much to everyone’s dismay, in the hopes that being clean shaven will help him sell ads. 


Harris ends up having to train Darlene, who doesn’t take the job seriously. Harris worries her mother will make her look bad at work and she’s not wrong.  When Darlene needs to get a mockup of the magazine done for a possible advertiser, she hides in the dressing room to do it. When Harris boss reprimands her for not watching over her new employee, Harris fires Darlene.


At home, Darlene explains to Harris how desperate she is for the job but later, Harris is fired as well when robots replace the workers at Price Warehouse. 


Ben comes over to announce that a local business has picked up a contract for advertising in the magazine that will span several months. They’re all thrilled.  


Ron and Janelle ask Jackie to take their relationship to the next level. When Jackie considers it, Dan thinks she’s crazy. Jackie goes back to their house after a date and they plan to have a threesome but when Ron kisses Jackie while Janelle is out of the room, Janelle gets jealous. Turns out their marriage is on the rocks and they were doing this to spice it up. Ron asks Jackie to leave with him but Jackie decides none of this if for her and leaves both of them. 


The Conners
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The Conners Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Other than writing I’m basically unemployable.


So I just got off the phone with the bank and apparently, I’ve gone passed what they call overdraft into something called backdraft which means I'm on fire. I need money fast or else I’m going to lose my car.