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Mark needs to write a report on the New Hampshire Primary and all of The Conners have an opinion on the state of the government and politics.


Everyone assumes Marc is a Pete Buttigieg fan, which he is, but it’s still a stereotype. Harris doesn’t see the point in voting but the Becky tells her that some candidates are terrible, while others are really terrible. At least she can vote for the just terrible ones. 


Dan is in a bad mood because of his breakup with Louise. Darlene and DJ think they should get him drunk at a going away party for Louise to get him to tell her he loves her. Becky thinks it’s a horrible idea. 


The party is a disaster, with Louise leaving in a huff when she realizes that he hasn’t told his family how they broke up. She tells Dan she needs this to end and for him to leave her alone. 


Dan is furious with his kids. He’s been having a difficult time moving on from Roseanne. He actually spoke to a priest who encouraged him to write a letter to Roseanne about how guilty he’s felt over Louise and then burn the letter. He had been planning to do that in two weeks on Roseanne’s birthday and then talk to Louise but now he doubts she’ll ever want to speak to him. 


Marc and Harris fight over his laptop when hers breaks, but Marc is really angry about his sister moving out of the house and not even saying goodbye or talking to him about it. He feels alone without her there. 


Feeling guilty, Harris makes the effort to talk to Marc. Turns out he’s gotten back together with Austin but Austin keeps it a secret because he’s not out and sometimes even makes fun of Marc in front of other people. Harris tells Marc to dump Austin no matter how much he likes him because Marc deserves better. 


The entire Conner family encourages the audience to go to www.IamAVoter.com to find out if they’re registered to vote in their state.

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The Conners Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

The early primaries are exciting. That’s where you get to see the candidates with integrity and vision right before the rich ones swoop in and crush them with their corporate campaign dollars.


Hey, just because you’re in a bad mad don’t take it out on Marc. He’s just a sweet, innocent kid who does all our laundry.