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Dawn from Cook County Meat and Fish compliments Jackie and tries to sell the Lunch Box more produce and meat than they need. When Jackie orders twice the amount that she and Becky had agreed upon, Dawn invites her to a wine festival. 

Becky thinks Dawn is pretending to be Jackie’s friend just to get her to spend more. Becky challenges Jackie to cut their order and see if Dawn still wants to be her friend. Jackie hesitates. She doesn’t have any female friends and she likes hanging out with Dawn.

Much to Jackie’s surprise, when she does cut the order, Dawn still wants to hang out with her. Turns out Dawn doesn’t have many friends either. 

Dan hurts his back working on the Lunch Box. Louise comes over to find him stuck in the bathtub unable to get out and covered in Marc’s glittery bath bomb. Dan covers up with towels and Louise helps him out but things get awkward between them.

Later, at dinner, Louise says her old band was offered a three to six month tour of the midwest but she says she won’t take it if Dan wants her to stay. Dan wants her to stay but isn’t ready to take their relationship to the next level, so Louise decides to say yes to the tour. 

Harris, who plans to get a job at Price Warehouse and use their online college program to get a business degree, is accepted to Central Illinois State. Darlene is thrilled when the letter says there is financial aid available. Darlene thinks Harris should pursue a writing career and Harris is excited.

After they tour the campus, the counselor only offers them student loans which will take Harris the next 20 years to pay off. Harris is upset that her mother pushed her towards a dream she can’t have.

Back home, Darlene feels like a failure. Dan tells her to get on board with Harris’ plan or else she may make Harris feel like she’s a disappointment. Both Dan and Darlene show up to congratulate Harris on her first day at work and Darlene tells her daughter how proud she is that she’s figured out how to get a college degree all on her own. 

The Conners
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The Conners Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

We can’t afford a good steak and I’m not just talking about the customers, I’m talking about the people who own the restaurant.


Dawn: You know a lot of new restaurants try too hard.
Jackie: Yeah, well, not us. We know what it takes to get the job done and we do just a little bit less.