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Dan is upset that all of his friends won’t come over to play poker because of Covid, so the family decides to have their own poker game.

Harris is relieved when she tells Louise she’s dating a married man, and Louise doesn’t freak out but treats her like an adult. Later, Harris is furious when Louise takes her money during the poker game.

Danny takes it hard when Louise says she eventually plans to move back home after quarantine and worries she doesn’t see their relationship as long-term. Louise explains that part of the reason she’s upset about Harris being angry with her is that she expects to have a relationship with him and his family for the rest of her life, but that doesn’t mean she occasionally needs her own space. Dan is thrilled.

Later, Harris and Louise make up when Louise offers to either give Harris her 20 dollars back or treat her like an adult and share half a joint with her. Harris takes the cash because she can buy her own joint and have it all to herself.

Jackie says The Lunch Box is just barely hanging on. When Ben, who is working for Instacart delivering groceries, says he’s heard the Thai restaurant in town may be going under, Jackie decides to add Pad Thai to the menu.

Darlene keeps her distance from the other employees at work, believing they have nothing in common. She even goes so far as to eat her lunch in the bathroom. The other workers think Darlene is an elitist snob. When she tries to mend fences, she’s called a prissy, little bitch, and that her mother would have been ashamed of her because Roseanne didn’t act like she was above anyone.

Upset, Darlene says she gave up something she loved to take this job, and she’s not going to act like she likes it on top of everything else. But later, when Darlene realizes she can buy Mark the new computer he needs for school thanks to this factor job, she realizes its value. This time, her coworker encourages Darlene not to give up on her writing but to continue it when she’s not working.

The Conners
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The Conners Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Ben: How painful is it to just be friendly?
Darlene: Boy, you don’t know me at all.

Well, you’re 18. You’re old enough to make your own choices that will cripple you for the rest of your life.