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Jackie thinks that Alex Trebek told her she should be on Jeopardy while under the influence of the psychoactive herbal tea. Jackie studies like crazy and gets an audition for the show. 
Chuck bought a boat, and Dan’s a little upset. He made Chuck a partner in his business, and now Chuck has a boat, and Dan doesn’t. Chuck gets upset because he thinks Dan wants him to stay one step behind him. 
Chuck wants to break up the partnership, and he wants Dan to pay him for his share of the equipment they bought together. Jackie points out to Dan that he and Chuck have been friends for decades and encourages him to talk it out with Chuck.
Dan apologizes for being upset about the boat. He just wishes he had one too. He and Chuck talk about their history. Chuck was mad because Dan made it sound like he did him a favor by making him a partner. 
Chuck says he agreed to partner with Dan instead of starting his own construction business because no one in Lanford would give him a credit line or trust him as a business owner because he was black. Dan realizes they’ve never talked about it. The two make up, but Chuck decides it’s time for him to retire from the business.
Darlene gets her own office at Wellman Plastics as Floor Supervisor and gets to hire an assistant. She hires Lisa, the first person who walks through the door who ends up being very needy and says her daughter, Ruthie, calls Darlene, “Auntie Darlene.” Darlene is uncomfortable.
Lisa causes trouble for Darlene when Lisa threatens a department head on Darlene’s behalf because she thinks Darlene needs to come off strong. Then she makes inappropriate rules for other coworkers, but Darlene refuses to fire her because she remembers how devastating it was to be fired. 
When Lisa calls her daughter Jane instead of Ruthie, Darlene learns she lied about having a daughter so she could get the job. Darlene fires her and starts to really interview for the position. 
Much to Harris’ disappointment, Mary interrupts Harris and Josh on the sofa watching Twilight. 
The Conners
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The Conners Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Robin: You were 10 minutes late today.
Becky: I was 15 minutes late yesterday. How about an “Atta Girl!”

Hey, you want to play laser tag, let’s go out in the yard, and I’ll chase you around with a flashlight.