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Dan worries that he hasn't heard from Chuck in a few weeks, so he and Darlene decide to check on him. When they visit Chuck, they learn his wife, Ann Marie, has had a stroke and has been in the hospital for weeks.

The house is a mess, but Chuck refuses all offers of help, saying his son, Chuck Jr, will be there soon. Darlene learns that Chuck Jr isn't coming. He moved out of state and can't take time off from work.

Dan is still reluctant to see Chuck. He tells Darlene that he barely got through losing Roseanne and doesn't think he has the strength to get through watching Chuck lose Ann Marie. Darlene points out that Dan got through it because he had family there to help him, and Chuck has no one. Dan agrees and visits Chuck.

Chuck shares with Dan that Ann Marie is his best friend, and he doesn't know how to survive without her. Dan understands and tries to help Chuck figure out how to take care of the house and himself while Ann Marie is in the hospital. He also says that Ann Marie knows Chuck won't survive without him, so she'll fight to get back home.

The college finds out that Becky is dating Prof. Davis because she accidentally sent a personal text to Glenn on thread that included his teaching ssistant. Glenn resigns and decides to write a book instead but has no money and no ideas for the book.

Glenn moves into the Conner's home, and Becky offers to give him free food at the Lunch Box. Becky asks Ben to help Glenn get on track. It doesn't go well. He's depressed and can't seem to pull it together to move forward.

Becky worries that if Glenn can't handle this setback, he'll never be strong enough to have her back if they face adversity in the future. Becky goes to the school and says she and Glenn never had a relationship and the text she sent was completely one-sided. Becky is placed on probation while Glenn gets his job back. Then Becky breaks up with him.

The Conners
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The Conners Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

Dan: Maybe we shouldn't do this. Maybe he's got another friend he's doing fun stuff with.
Darlene: What are you, eight?

Glenn: This is my chance. I can finally write my book, and you and I don't have to hide our relationship anymore.
Becky: Oh, that is fantastic. So you have some money saved up?
Glenn: Oh God, no. I'm a community college teacher. I made more money working at the Gap in high school. I'm good for three months, maybe four if I eat once a day and live in a youth hostel.