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Kamilla is replaced with a clone. The real Kamilla's whereabouts are unknown.

Eva tells the clones -- Iris and Kamilla -- to find the Prismatic Refractor and replace it with a replica. She needs it to power her R-CEM.

Cisco gives Barry a Speed Gauge to track the amount of speed he has left.

Joe gives Singh the files on the Carver RICO investigation. He tells him he thinks Carver has a mole in CCPD.

Nash regains control of his body. He tells Team Flash that he has been seeing multiple Wells.

Caitlin reads Nash's brainwaves and sees there are multiple -- after Crisis, all the Wells channeled into the only surviving Wells.

Nash tells them he has a neuro-splicer in his bag. Cisco wants to supercharge it with the EMP from Nash's gauntlet. It explodes, and it is revealed that it was Thawne impersonating Nash.

Barry stops Thawne and is about to kill him when Cisco shoots Thawne with a tranquilizer dart.

Caitlin tells Barry he can't be a part of Nash's exorcism because his anger is using up his speed, and she doesn't trust him not to hurt Thawne.

Cisco tries to use the Positive Tachyon Device to free Nash from Thawne's control while Cecile monitors him psychically.

Eight years ago on Earth 719, a girl -- Maya -- breaks into Nash's tent. He takes her under his wing and teaches her how to archeologically myth bust.

Clone Iris and Clone Kamilla visit Mercury Labs to try to steal the Prismatic Refractor. One of the Black Hole light assassins -- Sunshine -- gets to it first. Clone Iris sends out a distress call and Killer Frost answers.

Barry takes Velocity X and runs to Mercury Labs. His body rejects it and he trips up. Sunshine hurts Frost and gets away.

Thawne is able to connect with his Speed Force, but Cisco and Cecile detain him.

Joe gives Singh the Refractor so he can handle the transfer to ARGUS. Sunshine shows up and Barry takes the Refractor to his lab. He shuts out all the sunlight and they take her into custody.

Cecile figues out that Maya died and Thawne is holding Nash in the memory of her death. Nash has to be the one to expel Thawne.

Barry and Cisco enter Nash's mind. They convince Nash to overcome his painful memory and take control of his pain.

On Earth 13 one year ago, Maya falls to her death trying to retrieve an artifact.

Nash expels Thawne from his mind.

Thawne's tachyons were dissipated, not destroyed. And the other Wells' brainwaves are still entangled with Nash's.

Barry apologizes to Caitlin.

Barry wants to use Nora's journal so that they can learn from her how to build an Artificial Speed Force.

Clone Iris and Clone Kamilla give Eva the Refractor.

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The Flash Season 6 Episode 15 Quotes

The Flash isn't supposed to have limits, Iris.


You know what I found out about Artificial Speed Forces? Thawne built one, and that's it. And I doubt he's gonna tell us, seeing how he's Linda Blaired our pal Nash and you know, he kinda wants to murder the hell out of us.