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"Save My Soul," The Originals Season 2 Episode 16 begins in Norway as Dahlia tries to convince a stubborn five year old Freya to eat sot hat she can learn to use her magic. When Freya says she wants her mother, Dahlia lies and says Esther gave her away. 

In the present day, Rebekah has a nightmare that she the body she inhabits killed teenagers and awakes to find a coven of witches coming for her. The witches inform them that two of their teenage witches were attacked the night before and Marcel tells them that Rebekah Mikaelson is inhabiting the body of Eva Sinclair. Elijah shows up and stops the witches from taking her. They give him 24 hours to evict Rebekah from that body before they return.

Klaus has sent an invitation to Freya to attend brunch. He hopes she will be able to help them protect Hope but Elijah advises they may need her to help Rebekah. 

Vincent Griffith awakes in Marcel's loft. He knows who Marcel is and says he's a Treme witch and they'll want him back. Marcel tells him that his body was hijacked by a witch named Finn and then asks for information about Eva Sinclair. Vincent refuses to speak.

Rebekah goes to Davina for help suppressing Eva Sinclair and finds that Davina has been busy trying to figure out how to bring Kol back. After learning that Eva is fighting back, Davina agrees to help.

Freya tells Klaus and Elijah that Dahlia is limited to one year of life, just as Freya is, but she wants Hope so that she can free herself. Freya then tells them the story of her childhood with Dahlia and all the ways their aunt stole magic and power from her through a new form of connective magic. Rebekah calls Elijah in the middle of his talk with Freya and he tells her to come to the compound. She says she's on her way and then falls to Eva Sinclair in the middle of the cemetery.

In the bayou, Hayley watches as Jackson and Aiden and the other werewolves put their new hybrid powers to the test in a series of sparring matches. Aiden reminds him that the only way he can remain the Alpha male is to remain the strongest. Jackson feels Aiden is threatening him, but Aiden says he's only looking out for the pack.

As Freya tells her story, Elijah senses similarities between Dahlia and Klaus and their shared paranoia. Freya reveals that Dahlia expected her to bear the firstborn and carry on the family line after Esther turned her siblings into vampires. Dahlia cursed them both to a century of sleep followed by a year of life. During the century of sleep they would gain immense power. Freya tells them that she is immortal, like them, and full of great power.

Marcel calls Cami to help with Vincent to see if she can help get to the bottom of Vincent's knowledge. She convinces him to listen to Finn's story in hopes he'll share information about Eva Sinclair.

Rebekah wakes up in the middle of an industrial complex, which was not where she fell asleep.

Hayley gets in on the sparring with Jackson and they talk about Aiden and the pack. She reminds him that they're a team and vows to handle Klaus and his use of the pack as his own personal army. 

Rebekah wants to ask Freya to help her but Klaus is too paranoid. He doesn't trust that she's telling the truth because he has no way to prove it. Elijah overrules him and says they need to rely on their sister.

When Vincent learns that Finn used his body and his magic to attempt to steal an innocent child and execute his brother, he softens to Cami's reassurances that she's there to listen. He doesn't know what to say and how to feel about what he did while he wasn't himself. She advises him to move on but it doesn't seem like he can.

Freya and Rebekah meet in the study and she says she can help. Klaus doesn't trust her. Freya plans to put Rebekah in a deep sleep in order to suppress Eva. Klaus wants Freya to write down her spells so Davina can verify that she's doing what she says. Freya doesn't think Davina would be able to understand. She shares her early memories of Elijah in their mother's womb and asks for his trust, which he gives. Klaus, however, does not. 

He doesn't believe Freya's story because what she's doing is exactly what he would do. Freya is in no position to help them now that she's temporarily dead and Klaus, again, tells Elijah they can't trust her. 

Cami and Vincent  continue their talk. He reminisces about his upbringing in the Treme and says he walked away from his magic, which made him easy prey for Finn. Vincent agrees to talk to Marcel about Eva Sinclair.

Freya awakes and finds Klaus has returned her to her loft. He tells her that he doesn't believe she's telling the truth about her experience with Dahlia and gives her one last chance to be forthcoming. She tells him about a man named Mathias whom she loved in the early 1400s. When Freya realized Dahlia would not let her son live free, Dahlia killed her lover, so Freya killed her own son. Klaus refuses to be manipulated by Freya's tale.

Elijah takes Rebekah to see Vincent. He says that he never thought he'd see Eva Sinclair again after she was placed inside the Fauline Cottage. Elijah asks how they knew each other and Vincent reveals that they were married.

Hayley tells Klaus they need to talk. She wants him to stop trying to control the wolves and he says he's the only person he trusts to protect their daughter. She realizes that Klaus will be a problem.

Vincent joins Cami at Rousseau's for a drink. He tells her he wants nothing to do with Eva and advises Cami to stay away from the vampires. She says they're all better off sticking together.

Marcel escorts Rebekah home to the compound where she says she's not sure she should be alone. She understands her weakness and vulnerability and tells Marcel she's afraid. He tells her she's the strongest person she knows and then she asks for a drink. When he leaves to get it, Eva tries to break through. She invites him to stay. 

Davina has fallen victim to Eva Sinclair.

Klaus visits Elijah to tell him he waited for Freya to wake up and that during their talk, he saw anger and fear in Freya's eyes. He knows he can use her to his own ends but doesn't trust her and will not take orders from her. 

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