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They take the tubes our of Derek, but they figure out he's getting worse when he suddenly can't see. Devon recognized the vent as Dawn's. They treat him for candida auris as a result.

Nic's patient had an issue with jaw pain from a popcorn kernel. She needs surgery.

Mina and AJ treat a salsa dancer with a heart issue.

Derek worsens. Kit confronts Cain about it threatening him if something happens to Derek.

Nic's patient Justine knows Cain, and they have a history. The two of them talk after Cain asks Nic and Devon to leave the room.

AJ and Mina figure out a way for Miguel to have his heart function properly so he fan still dance.

Conrad figures out a new solution to try on Derek. Using all the drugs at once.

Justine tells Nic that Cain was nice and a football star on his way to the NFL but blew his ACL. That's when they separated, but she wants him again. He's planning on doing her surgery.

Kit is angry at all of red rock and Cain. When Derek takes another decline, they need Cain to perform his surgery. Bell and Conrad remind Cain that he owes Lit this and it's partly his fault. Cain plans to perform Derek's and Justine's surgery back to back instead of having someone cover Justine's.

He almost loses Derek but saves him. Cain gets a 911 page for Justine. He scrubs in there but her brain is swelling. She codes. He tries to resuscitate her for a half hour but they call it. She's dead.

AJ salsa dances with his patient. Andrea and Mina watch. Andrea is meeting AJ's parents and Mina seems lovelorn.

Conrad meets with Marshall who gives him advice.

Nic watches Cain mourn Justine.

The news was leaked that the hospital covered up the outbreak. Logan is mad. He and Cain get into it. Logan approaches Conrad about being the new poster boy with power influence and possibly changing the hospital.

The Resident
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The Resident Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

Salsa is my life. My livelihood. I don't know how to do anything else.


Devon: Oh my god.
Conrad: What?
Devon: This is Dawn Long's vent. Her daughter put that sticker on it.
Kit: You mean it wasn't properly cleaned?
Conrad: Kit, if that's true, Derek probably got Candida Auris from that vent.