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  • Nic is in bed sick and has to miss Conrad's first day back at Chastain. 
  • The rest of them welcome him, but when Cain sees him there, he gets upset and goes to talk to Logan. Logan tells him that Conrad brought in a huge moneymaker. And he reminds Cain that he hasn't been delivering as much as he used to, and that everyone has an expiration date. 
  • John and his wife Becky are RR donors, and they came in injured after a jet skiing accident. Becky's pelvis is detached from her spine and Kit, AJ, and Mina have to scrub in together to save her. 
  • John has a tumor that affects his sight and Cain and Conrad work together on him. When it's time to scrub in, John has a severe reaction in the OR. 
  • Cain blames Conrad for not catching whatever was bothering John. Conrad runs more tests and then needs a urine sample. He figues out that John has prophyria. They have to adjust things in surgery, including the lights, to operate on John and remove the tumor. 
  • Logan comments on Cain taking too long and tells Conrad that Becky is coding after a successful surgey that had Mina and AJ in sync while aligning Becky's  hip. Conrad surprisingly sticks up for Cain. 
  • The couple survive, and they get to spend the night next to each other. 
  • They made Conrad think about how much he loves Nic, and he speaks to her during the day. He later on goes home and cuddles in bed with her. 
  • Three diffrent patients come into the hospital with different symptoms from the same issue. They have poisoning due to supplements they were taking. 
  • After a meeting that confirmed Bell, Cain, and Andrea's 3B supplement was profitable and making loads of money, Devon discovers that the same supplement is making people sick. 
  • Bell was hesitant to say anything about it at first, but after two other cases show up at another hospital, they have to do something about it. 
  • Cain and Red Rock want to dump it and file for bankruptcy, but Andrea knows it's not her supplements. She wants to stand by it. Bell offers to buy Cain and the other guy out. He hopes he didn't make it mistake or he and Andrea are both ruined. 
  • Andrea asks Mina about AJ. Mina tells her good things and tells AJ about it later. 
The Resident
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The Resident Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

John: I wish I had gotten the worst of it and not her. I can't lose her. I just, I don't even know what my life looks like without Becky.
Conrad: I understand. But if we don't take care of you, then you can't take care of Becky, so why don't we focus on you for a minute.

Cain: You brought Hawkins back?
Logan: He signed a lucrative deal with a national sports franchise.
Cain: He's still a whistleblower.
Logan: I'm aware. Risk versus reward. I made the call.
Cain: It's insanity.
Logan: It turns out he's a rainmaker. Red Rock loves the rain.
Cain: Yeah, I'm aware. Remember who you're talking to?
Logan: Careful now, Barrett. Proceed with caution.
Cain: I should have been informed. Leaving me out of the loop about Hawkins is a sign of disrespect to the surgeon who has made more rain for you and Red Rock than anyone else.
Logan: Not as much as you used to. Your billing is heading in the wrong direction. Pair that with the expensive neuro center we're building on your behalf, by my assessment, I gotta say. You gotta hustle up.
Cain: Hustle up? What, exactly, are you implying?
Logan: Everyone has an expiration date. Everyone.