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  • Conrad and Nic have the baby. We jump right to them holding the baby.
  • AJ takes a walk with his mother. They reminsce on the day they first met with flashbacks, and he tells her his home is with her. Her legs give out on her.
  • Everyone rushes to meet CoNic's baby. They share that they named her after both of their mothers. 
  • Sammie is doing well and Jake and Gregg are eager for her to come home so they can make the adoption official. 
  • Jake asks Bell to look after a patient for him.
  • Leela's friend Astrid, a chef, comes in with mysterious symptoms and Devon and Leela treat her. She's homeless. 
  • Carol is wheeledin and everyone gets into trying to figure out what's happened to her. 
  • Kyle sees little Georgiana Grace for the first time. 
  • Jake's friend, Roland needs a new liver, and without it, he's going to die. His symptoms have gotten too bad.
  • Carol had a tumor on her spine and her spin fractured after it was removed. Technically she has a broken back and needs neuro surgery to stabilize her spine.
  • Astrid also needs a liver transplant.
  • Kit tells AJ that she needs Cain's help for the surgery, and he refuses and says he'll have his mother transferred to Atlanta General.
  • Cain mentions he has an interview with Johns Hopkins. He wants to leave Chastain to make more money, and Billie is flabbergasted that he has no loyalty or intends to pay penance. She mentions AJ's mom, and he mentions that no one asked him.
  • A nurse approaches Conrad needing help with setting her nephew up with the same Sicle Cell trial Rose had. 
  • Devon and Bell propose a domino liver surgery where Astrid gets the available liver at the hospital and Roland gets Astrid's liver.
  • Carol's condition has worstened and she can't be transported to Atlanta Gen.
  • Nic checks in on Billie with the son thing. Kit interrupts needing Billie for emergency surgery on AJ's mother. 
  • Phillip sold Biosouth to a Big Pharm conglomerate, while Chastain and Phillip made money off of it, it means they'll jack up prices and the cure won't be available. Conrad is pissed. 
  • The neurosurgeon they need for Carol's surgery is stuck in her OR and they need one now. AJ calls Cain, but he ignores the call and is interviewing for another hospital. Kit tells Billie that she has to step in and save Carol or else she'll die.
  • Bilie has flashbacks to her mistake.
  • Cain arrives in the nick of time. He and AJ share a moment of setting things aside. 
  • Roland's daughter is a judge who makes Sammie's adoption aoffical. 
  • Chastain is in the black 900 million, but Kit isn't happy at the cost.
  • Billie's son is at her apartment waiting for her. 
  • Devon brings Leela home with him, and before he can offer her a drink, they start making out.
  • Conic bond with the baby. 
The Resident
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The Resident Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

AJ: I tested you for months, right? Backtalking, isolating, locking myself in my room, but you never gave up on me. Everybody else just up and left, but you, you never did.
Carol: AJ, Mina didn't want to leave. She had no choice. Her Visa was expired.
AJ: This isn't about Mina, Mom, this is strictly about you. Nigeria is her home now, and as far as I'm concerned, my home is always with you.

Conrad: She's beautiful, like her mom.
Nic: Welcome to the world baby girl.