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Lela new surgical intern arrives and she's eager to get started.

Nic starts back up at the hospital and Billie is gearing up to leave. She, Conrad, and Billie arrive at the hospital together when an inmate is brought in. It's the guy who stabbed her.

Nic insists she wants to stay. They tell Conrad to steer clear of the guy. 

Lela impresses AJ as a new intern on her first day. 

   Cain arrives at Chastain for physical therapy. He's not impressed with how things have changed.

Immigration is demanding more proof of Mina's medical work in Nigeria.  

   Nic sneaks away to see what's happening to the guy who stabbed her. She jumps in when he gets violent with a nurse trying to take his blood. Billie jumps in and takes over.

Lela clams up doing a time-sensitive ultrasound earnings a harsh reprimand from AJ.

Nadine calls Devon saying she's in town for a check-up and wants to meet up. 

   Cain has a hard time in physical therapy and is rude to people. Rose calls him out on it. 

Nic and Billie talk about the guy who stabbed her and Billie shares about being a rape Survivor during that time they drifted apart as kids. 

Conrad patient Megan with Huntington and a GI bleed has hematosis and is choking on blood.

After hearing that Lela's performance is a mixed bag. Devon tests the waters by calling her out on it and she goes off on him about tearing her down. 

   Cain and Rose appear to have a moment until he's a jerk who reminds her that her prognosis is bleak and she probably won't dance again so she throws that right back at him. 

   Megan's liver issue makes them think she has an alcohol abuse or something problem even though she says she only drinks tea 

   Megan self-diagnosed her Huntington's. 


The Resident
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The Resident Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Conrad: Are you OK?
Nic: That's the man who stabbed me.

Leela: Hey, when you have a minute I would like to learn everything about your patients. Not just rhe medicine but personal stuff too.
Jessica: Seriously?
Leela: Yeah! Nurses always know everything right.