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  • A tow truck driver brings a young girl who isn't speaking to the hospital when Conrad is going inside and he has to coax her to let him help her. She's hypothermic with a dislocated shoulder.
  • Devon is worried that if Leela is double board certified it will burn her out.
  • They're at a store so Devon can buy some new kicks when the woman who owns the shop starts having heart palpitations, They take her to the hospital
  • Winston updates them on things and Conrad takes lead and is in charge of the Jane Doe because she's bonded with him already
  • Bell shares that he's on a short list for a seat on the state medical board.
  • Roxie is pleased that she has someone who can treat her properly despite her being a big woman.
  • They find more signs of Jane Doe facing some abuse and tough conditions and Conrad lets her know that it's okay to cry.
  • Roxie feels like AJ is not treating her properly because of her weight, something that Devon notices.
  • Bell meets Porter, someone also on the list for the seat. He's the highest billed surgeon and knows the man who is making the decision. Bell doubts his good intentions and figures it's already fixed.
  • Jane Doe bonds with Conrad most with seems to get to Cade a bit. Conrad gets the girl to reveal that she lives in a car.
  • Devon notices all the microaggressions that Roxie faces from staff because of her size when he tries to run some scans and he lab tech keeps talking about how her weight. He and AJ have another spat when he advocates for more help and AJ states that Roxie's obesity is the issue and Devon needs to stop dancing around that.
  • Conrad wants to do surgery on the Jane Doe because of the flesh eating disease that could cost her her leg, but it's not a certainty and they don't have the right to make that call.
  • Bell asks Billie for a letter of recommendation and tells her about Porter who she seems to know potentially as the man who raped her.
  • Roxie has an esophageal tear and it's a result of her bulimia. She appreciates both AJ and Devon for their styles
  • They figure out Jane Doe was struck by lightning and Cade goes out to find the person she was probably with at the time.
  • Billie tells Kit that she wants to go to the medical board to make a statement about Porter. She wants to keep Trevor out of it.
  • Winston informs COnrad of Jane Doe's next of kin and it's an abusive man. Conrad is worried about Cade.
  • They take Jane Doe/Scout into surgery .
  • Cade finds the encampment and has to take Scout's sister to the hospital too.
  • Roxie gets her surgery and wants Devon to stay with her.
  • Ana shares that she fled their abusive home with her sister and when they got hit by lightning she couldn't found Scout
  •  Conrad checks in on Cade and lets her know that he's there to help her if she needs it and needs to open up.
  • Devon expresses genuine concern about Leela trying to be double certified.
  • Billie intends to testify to the board even though her anonymity may not be protected.
The Resident
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The Resident Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

Roxie: Can we talk? Woman to woman?
Hundley: Mmhmm.
Roxie: That normal BP cuff is not going to fit my arm.
Hundley: This is the leg BP cuff. It'll do the trick. In my ER, you get what you need.

I have been shortlisted for a seat at the state medical board.