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Rod and Todd ask Ned to help them with their school project. They're hunting vampire appliances. Ned helps them unplug the VCR and other electronics. They go out to check the meter and Ned finds a cord that leads to the Simpsons yard.  Ned discovers Homer has his freezer and takes it back. Homer is concerned about the meat, which Marge cooks and makes into sandwiches. She brings out a laundry basket full of different sandwiches. 

Marge is approached by a woman who asks if she would like to run her own sandwich business. Marge remembers that Homer has no money put aside in case something happens to him and decides to open a franchise. 

Krusty comes in to complain that her sandwich store is close to his Krusty Burger but she turns Teeny to her side with her food. 

Marge interviews candidates to work for her including Gil and Professor Frink. 

Marge is nervous and can't sleep the night before her store opens. Homer tells her he's told everyone about the place. Homer helps out at the store when her new employees don't work out. She gets Bart and Lisa to help too. Even Maggie helps at the register and collects tips. 

Everything is going well until a new sandwich shop opens up right across the street. Everyone is working hard but the customers aren't coming anymore. Homer has lost weight and Marge goes to Moes. Moe tells Marge how to get out of her contract and they all stage an injury to Homer. It works and they get their money back. 


The Simpsons
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The Simpsons Season 26 Episode 3 Quotes

Bart: What's your soda refill policy?
Marge: All you can drink, if you buy a jumbo cup.
Homer: Careful Marge, that's how I bankrupted a Pizza Hut.

Well family, we should be proud. We took on corporate America and broke even.