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Bart and Milhouse find a dirty movie online and Homer comes in and takes the laptop away. Homer tries to make Bart clean his room, but he blows him off. 

Homer complains to Marge that Bart has no respect for him. Marge says she cleans his room in the middle of the night and then thanks him in the morning for cleaning it.

Marge tries to make Bart eat his broccoli, but he refuses. Homer tells him he is not leaving the table until he eats it, leading to "the great broccoli sit off." It continues all night. 

Homer gets a call from Lenny that he needs to come draft his fantasy football team. Homer asks Marge to draft it for him so Bart doesn't win. 

Milhouse comes to tell Bart that Martin has been secretly taking self defense classes and is beating up Nelson, but Bart doesn't leave. 

Marge returns and tells Homer that she drafted him five kickers. 

Lisa comes up with an idea where she blends two smoothies, one with the broccoli and one without it. Bart spills them both over and he and Homer wrestle in the mess. 

Marge has them both taken from their beds in the middle of the night and they wake up on a boat. The captain (Nick Offerman) comes to tell them that they are on the "Relation-ship" to learn how to resolve their conflicts. 

Marge is on the computer checking the fantasy team. She doesn't like all the trash talk and goes to church to pray. She notices everyone is on their phones trash talking each other. She decides to take out the wi-fi. 

The captain knocks Homer overboard. At their group session, he notices Homer has scurvy even though its only been one day at sea.

Bart learns all about the ship and begins to enjoy it. He likes being a sailor which upsets Homer. The captain awards Bart the post of "mid-shipman" which now makes him Homer's superior officer.

 Bart tells Homer he should be swabbing the deck. Homer throws back the same line Bart used in the beginning "Why should I? It's just going to get dirty again."

Patty and Selma tell Marge the only thing she can do to stop the trash talk is to beat one of them. Marge benches a player because his wife kicks him out on a reality show. 

One of her five kickers makes an 85 yard field goal. She beats Moe and proves that fantasy football "is basically just luck." 

Homer and the captain (an alcoholic) get drunk on the boat. A storm comes and the captain is drunkenly trying to juggle. The therapy bears knock out the radio as Apu tries to call for help.  

Bart takes the wheel, believing they can make it to the light house. Homer disagrees, saying they should drop the anchor and wait out the storm. Bart finally eats the broccoli, and Homer takes Bart's orders. They work together and make it back safely. 

The sea captain approaches them, hurt that they went on a sea adventure without him. 

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The Simpsons Season 26 Episode 2 Quotes

Homie, the fantasy draft just ended. I got you five kickers. It is called football, right?


She's under a lot of stress, her husband's at sea.