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Lisa is excited to go to the plant with Homer for take your daughter to work day. She asks him a bunch of questions that he doesn't know the answers to and asks her if she wants to go to the cafeteria for ice cream. 

Lisa's lunch is ruined and Homer embarks on a lunch room trading journey to present her with a salad for lunch. 

Mr. Burns is working on a uranium deal with the Nigerian leader who asks him to have someone look after his princess daughter. Burns puts Homer in charge. 

The Princess wants to go out, but Homer tries to convince her to stay in and watch TV. She still wants to go out, so he takes her to Moes. Moe tells Homer that he was victim to a computer fraud from a Nigerian prince and he wants to confront her about it. Homer wants to stop him, but they discover she has run off. 

Homer tells Chief Wiggum that he lost an African Princess and he arrests him, assuming he's drunk. 

Princess Kemi returns to the bar to talk to Moe, who asks her if she has a brother with a computer. They are getting along well and she ends up falling asleep in his back room. Moe decides he's not mad at her anymore and sleeps on the bar. 

Moe and Kemi spend the next day exploring the town until Homer tracks them down and tries to take her back to the hotel. Moe tries to escape with her, but she wants to go back as she doesn't want to make her father made. A paparazzo takes a picture of her kissing Moe on the forehead. When her father sees the picture, he reneges on his deal with Burns. 

Homer explains to the king that he needs to let his daughter go her own way. He relents and agrees to the deal. 

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The Simpsons Season 26 Episode 15 Quotes

Homer: She's gone!
Moe: And she trashed my bar! Oh no, wait, she actually cleaned up a little bit. Good for her.

Sorry Marge, but I am the royal babysitter. If I start watching commoners, the tongues of the court will be a wag.