11 Reasons To Watch NBC's Superstore

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Fans of TV shows like The Office, Parks and Recreation, The Good Place, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine are destined to love Superstore on NBC, it is meant to be.

But many people for some reason don't know that such a funny and important TV show exists, making it a gem that deserves way more appreciation then it is getting. 

Superstore is a workplace comedy that was created by Justin Spitzer, and it follows a group of employees in a Walmart-like box boy store called Cloud 9.

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The show gives its audience a look into the world of retail, as well as the people working there and their day to day challenges from things like Black Friday to more personal conversations like maternity level or healthcare. 

It is a real look at what living and working in America looks like, tackling the tough subjects and offering representation without it feeling like anything but natural.

This is what real life is like and while it can be difficult, Superstore manages to present it exactly as is with a touch of humor in each situation. 

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Here are a few reasons why people should be checking out Superstore, along with this promotional video which manages to capture it all visually as well.   

Don't forget Superstore returns on Thursdays at 8/7c only on NBC. 

1. The Characters

The Characters
If the characters in a show aren't well written, there isn't much of a chance for it to work for very long. This is where Superstore comes in, not only has it created a lived-in world that is so vividly real, it has crafted characters to go along with it. Each person that is introduced is unique, authentic, and consistent for seasons to come. Every character feels different from one another, and they are all so multi-layered that they truly are interesting people that the audience wants to go on the journey with.

2. The Romance

The Romance
There was something about watching Jim and Pam fall in love in a draining workplace that they couldn't get out of, which is where I introduce to you, Jonah and Amy. They are a bit of a longer slowburn, but it is worth the wait considering the fact that Jonah starts to like Amy during Superstore Season 1 Episode 1. Similar to other fan-favorite couples, during the simple everyday moments at work these two find a connection and share some of the cutest scenes. There is something hopeful about them together, especially when in a way they found each other when they were both stuck in their individual lives.

3. The Humor

The Humor
Trust me when I saw that Superstore pulls off some of the funniest lines because of the way they approach their humor. It is a balance between casual sarcasm and funny situations and not so funny moments that you can't help finding the humor in. There is a point where one character loses her boyfriend to another one, simply because they do a coin toss for him. Superstore doesn't force its humor, it allows the well-rounded characters to play off one another and the entertainment just emerges from that.

4. The Customer Interludes

The Customer Interludes
We have all been customers in stores, or we have all seen those customers that do ridiculous things right in front of you. Superstore includes interludes where the audience sees a quick flash of a customer doing something either very relatable or completely absurd, either way, it is a writing choice that really works.

5. The Glimpse Into Working Retail

The Glimpse Into Working Retail
There is no one that someone who works (or worked) in retail could watch this and not feel like Superstore captures it perfectly. The whole emphasis of the show is capturing a familiar world, and they go above and beyond making it feel exactly like a world that many of us know.

6. The Representation

The Representation
Representing America means getting to tell many different stories, and Superstore does exactly that. With characters like Amy, Mateo, Garrett, Cheyenne, and Sandra, there is a multitude of stories being told and representation being offered. The show reflects the real world and it shows in the way that conversations can form about different topics without it coming off like there is something to prove. Superstore is a great example of how to offer representation and how other shows can take some notes from them.

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It was nice of corporate to wait an entire week before they reminded us we're just as replaceable as Mateo.


Jonah: I think he likes Taylor Swift.
Cheyenne: No, he's back to hating her again.