15 TV Characters on Santa's Naughty List

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Santa loves TV as much as we do, and he's been keeping a list of who's been naughty and who's been nice.

There are going to be some very disappointed TV characters on Christmas morning when they find Santa left them coal instead of a special gift, but that's what you get when you haven't been on your best behavior!

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1. Felicity Smoak - Arrow

Felicity Smoak - Arrow
Felicity could have had a great year, but she ruined it in one fell swoop by making Barry and Iris' wedding about her instead of letting the happy couple have their day. Not only did she make a huge scene at the rehearsal, she actually overstepped the bounds of good taste when she pushed the happy couple aside to make room for her and Oliver's unexpected nuptials. Olicity fans might have been thrilled at the turn of events, but Santa thought it was tactless and very, very naughty.

2. Lois Griffin - Family Guy

Lois Griffin - Family Guy
Lois wasn't a very good fur mommy when she kicked Brian out of the house because he posted something on Twitter that was completely blown out of proportion. She's overlooked far worse infractions from the beloved family pet, but this time she decided to fall in line with group mentality and ignore common sense. She eventually let Brian back in the house after he did something equally stupid, but it was too little too late. All Santa could do was shake his head and put a checkmark in the naughty column.

3. Sofia Falcone - Gotham

Sofia Falcone  - Gotham
She seemed so innocent but only turned out to be one tricky little vixen with no sense of decency. The terror Gotham faced with Professor Pyg was all her doing, and if that wasn't enough, she put out a hit on her own father. Sofia's been a very naughty girl. She won't be getting just one lump of coal but a whole pile for all her dirty deeds!

4. The Night King - Game of Thrones

The Night King - Game of Thrones
Who would ever have guessed that Santa is a huge Game of Thrones fan? He was just as devastated by Viserion's death as the rest of us. Viserion wasn't just any dragon, he was Santa's favorite dragon. The Night King has always been on Santa's naughty list, but that little trick of bringing Viserion back to life put the Night King on permanent naughty list status.

5. Ian Garvey - The Blacklist

Ian Garvey - The Blacklist
Ian Garvey is an incredibly vicious man who Santa has been watching like a hawk. Santa always tries to find the good in people, but Garvey is a lost cause. He had his men put a dead woman through a wood chipper to get rid of evidence which was horrific but he was the man behind Tom Keen's death. For that, Santa will never forgive him. Garvey is another permanent member of the naughty list!

6. Aunt Lydia - The Handmaid's Tale

Aunt Lydia - The Handmaid's Tale
Aunts are supposed to be loving and cuddly and everything nice, but Aunt Lydia is far from any of that. She's got a nasty mean streak, and Santa knows what she's been up to. She may be hoping for a fluffy new robe or fuzzy, warm slippers, but the only thing she'll be getting this year is a cold lump of coal.

7. Mr. World - American Gods

Mr. World - American Gods
As leader of the New Gods, Mr. World has no patience for the Gods of old. He is greedy, power hungry and obsessed with dominating everything under the sun. Mr. World will be forever stuck on Santa's naughty list no matter how much he thinks he'll one day dominate the nice side.

8. Lt. Gordon Malloy - The Orville

Lt. Gordon Malloy - The Orville
Lt. Malloy is not the worst person on the planet, but he's definitely not making the nice list. His biggest infraction of the year was when he put Mr. Potato Head pieces on Isaac's face as a practical joke. He also made Bortus eat a cactus and a virtual reality cowboy sing a silly song. Santa may have chuckled under his breath at all of Malloy's antics, but it was only because he couldn't believe Malloy's immaturity. The guy has never grown up! It's a lump of coal for him -- again!!

9. Brady - Mr. Mercedes

Brady - Mr. Mercedes
Brady did some very bad things this year, but the worst was doing nothing while his mother died a painful death because of the poisonous meat he left in the freezer that she unknowingly cooked and ate. Santa has always known Brady had a screw loose, but there was a time many moons ago when he wasn't on Santa's bad side. Unfortunately, like others on this list, Brady has become a permanent member of the naughty list club.

10. Lady Tremaine - Once Upon a Time

Lady Tremaine - Once Upon a Time
Someone worse than Regina Mills? Say it isn't so. Santa couldn't believe it himself, but Lady Tremaine has lived up to the hype. She gets an A+ for villainy and is at the top of Santa's naughty list. No amount of magic will remove her from it, and her stocking will be filled with a big piece of coal as black as her heart.

11. Ivar the Boneless - Vikings

Ivar the Boneless - Vikings
Santa had high hopes for Ivar who could have turned out to be the sweetest kid on the boat. Instead, he's got a bloodlust that's unparalleled. He's more violent than his father ever was and didn't hesitate in killing his own flesh and blood. This development did not make for a very happy Santa, and Ivar immediately found himself on the wrong side of Santa's Christmas list.

12. Kyle West - The Arrangement

Kyle West - The Arrangement
An actor's life may be difficult (at least in the actor's head), but allowing the woman you supposedly love to be kidnapped and taken against her will for a sort of reprogramming of the mind is not a good thing. Santa was rooting for Kyle and Megan, but now he's only rooting for Megan and hopes Kyle gets everything he deserves. In Santa's world, that means Kyle's only gift from the big guy will be a lump of coal.

13. Billy Hargrove - Stranger Things

Billy Hargrove - Stranger Things
He may be a dream to look at, but he's a definite nightmare. Billy is a big-time bully, and Santa hates bullies. It doesn't matter if Billy has had a rough childhood -- it doesn't give him the right to treat others like trash, especially his little sister Max. And if all his bad behavior wasn't enough to put him on the naughty list, his arrogant attitude sealed the deal.

14. Penny Peabody - Riverdale

Penny Peabody - Riverdale
Attorneys are notorious for showing up on Santa's naughty list. It's just a fact of life. Penny Peabody is no different. Not only is she a shady lawyer, but she runs a drug trafficking operation on the side. But what sealed the deal for her name being on the naughty list was the "pancake mix" nickname she gave to her narcotics. There are no words to describe Santa's disappointment.

15. Ally Mayfair-Richards - American Horror Story: Cult

Ally Mayfair-Richards - American Horror Story: Cult
Ally went through a lot this year, but nothing prepared Santa for the shocking twist at the end of American Horror Story: Cult. She brought down a cult just to end up leading her own cult -- at least that's what Santa thinks. Ally might have reasons for doing what she did, but no matter how you look at it, it was skilled trickery. There were no tricks up Santa's sleeve when he pulled out his pen and put Ally's name on the naughty list. She may not like it, but a lump of coal is all she's getting this year.

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