31 Characters Who Fail at Being "Just Friends"

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No matter how hard they may attempt to be, some television characters can't be "just friends."

They may do their best to keep romance out of it, but if you're meant for each other there's no fighting it. 

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When romance fails, characters will even give the platonic route a go, which doesn't always work out either. 

Whatever the circumstances are, we created a list of 31 characters who fail at being "just friends!"


1. Bellamy and Clarke - The 100

Bellamy and Clarke - The 100
Bellamy and Clarke are the least platonic ship on the planet. The jealous looks, the loving gazes, and the too-long hugs are getting out of hand. The show could end with them both married to other people, and we still wouldn't believe that they're not in love with each other. If anything, they're just too stubborn to admit it.

2. Josh and Liza - Younger

Josh and Liza - Younger
Josh and Liza have been trying to be in each other's lives in a non-romantic way, and they're failing miserably. Everyone can see the sparks flying between them, and while she may be with Charles right now, we have hope that Josh and Liza will give things another go.

3. Tyrone and Tandy - Cloak and Dagger

Tyrone and Tandy - Cloak and Dagger
There's no one more important to Tyrone and Tandy than each other. They've been by each other's side through everything, and they're each other's person. They may be just friends right now, but their relationship evolves every day into something more.

4. Carson and Mrs. Hughes - Downton Abbey

Carson and Mrs. Hughes - Downton Abbey
These two spent so long working together that friends seemed like a natural thing for them to be. But there was much more between them as proven when Carson proposes, and there were several instances that led viewers to believe they were crushing on each other from the beginning.

5. Liz and Max - Roswell, New Mexico

Liz and Max - Roswell, New Mexico
Max is too far gone over Liz to be just friends with her. He's been in love with Liz for his entire life. Max even spent the whole first season pouring his heart out to her, and we couldn't be happier that she returned his feelings.

6. Lucifer and Chloe - Lucifer

Lucifer and Chloe - Lucifer
Lucifer and Chloe are partners in every sense of the word. They've both had romances with other people, but for some reason, they could never be as vulnerable with anyone else as they are with each other. Their friendship eventually turned into much more, and it changed Lucifer for the better.

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