Orphan Black Season 4 Report Card

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Another amazing season of clone drama (and audiences wondering about Tatiana Maslany's well-deserved Emmy) has come to a close with the Orphan Black Season 4 Finale.

As a whole, Orphan Black Season 4 was pretty damn great. It was certainly an improvement over Orphan Black Season 3, which was a bit too Castor-clone-filled for my tastes. There were plenty of wonderful performances, heartbreaking moments, killer twists, and satisfying reunions – all the makings of spectacular drama.

While we're sad to have learned that next season will be the show's last hurrah, the finale set up plenty to look forward to. A new villain, in the form of P. T. Westmoreland, Cophine goodness, and Sarah needing to rescue her family (yet again) are all on the horizon.

But before we move on to anticipating and speculating about Orphan Black Season 5, let's take a look back at the highs, the lows, and the clone MVPs of Orphan Black Season 4, shall we?

Check out our picks below and leave us a comment to let us know whether you agree or disagree!

1. Most Underused Clone

Most Underused Clone
Mika was shrouded in mystery. She was an enigma. She popped in and out so randomly that we didn't get a chance to know her very well. Aside from her big, soul-baring scene with Ferdinand, Mika may as well have not been in the season at all.

2. Best Clone for Comedic Relief

Best Clone for Comedic Relief
Krystal Goderitch may very well have unseated Alison Hendrix as the clone most likely to elicit a giggle (or several). Krystal's ditzy demeanor and grating manner of speaking were funny enough on their own, but add in her insistence that the whole Neolution intrigue was thanks to a secret war between dueling cosmetics companies and her firm denial about Sarah being her clone and she's one of the funniest characters in Orphan Black history.

3. Best Reunion

Best Reunion
Who did you think I was going to choose for this? Rachel and Ferdinand? HA. There's no competition in this category. The emotional, beautiful reunion of Cosima and Delphine was amazing and perfect – a great, uplifting moment in a rather dark and foreboding finale. The chemistry between Évelyne Brochu and Tatiana Maslany was killer in this scene.

4. Best New Character

Best New Character
When Adele was first introduced, we were iffy. Who was this random character whose sole purpose seemed to be a plot device to drive a wedge between Felix and Sarah? In the end, Adele ended up being a funny, warm, helpful potential ally and we were really disappointed to see her leave at Felix's request – apparently for good. She was so underused!

5. Weirdest Twist

Weirdest Twist
Age gaps between couples are totally fine, of course. The "ick" factor here really has to do with the fact that, as their creator, Susan is something of a mother figure to the clones. So the reveal that Susan and Castor clone Ira were carrying on a long-running sexual relationship was just kind of... ick.

6. Best Villain / Most Evil Clone

Best Villain / Most Evil Clone
Rachel Duncan. It's always Rachel. Evie Cho may have played a relatively brief villainous role, but Rachel's unhinged megalomania, powerhungriness, and overwhelming Mommy issues make her the perfect villain. She's just relatable enough to be realistic while still being terrifyingly sinister and dangerous. She'll only be worse once she teams up with the mysterious P. T. Westmoreland in Orphan Black Season 5.

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