The Resident: 21 Reasons Season 2 Is the Best So Far!

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There is still some ways to go before The Resident returns with all-new episodes January. 14. 

In the meantime, there is plenty of time to discuss The Resident season two and why it is such a success. The series was one of the breakout hits of 2018 and had a strong first season. 

However, the second season has knocked it out of the park tweaking some errors and improving upon greatness. It has been must-see television since The Resident Season 2 Episode 1, and it hasn't slowed down yet. Sophomore slumps are for chumps! 

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What has made the second season such a hit?! Well, let's discuss it! 

Check out our list of reasons The Resident Season 2 has been incredible so far and then hit the comments with your thoughts. 

If you missed anything or want to binge-watch it again, you can watch The Resident online here via TV Fanatic. Don't forget to check out our The Resident Reviews too! 

1. Conrad Backstory and Insight

Conrad had one of the most compelling arcs this season so far as we've stripped away layers of this multifaceted character who so often keeps so much of himself hidden away. There is a foreboding tone to Conrad's storyline this season; it's like devastation is around the corner for him. There have been hints to a troubled past, glimpses at his struggles with PTSD, and implications that he's on the brink of a breakdown. It's informative, appealing, and heartwrenching at once.

2. Friendship Goals

This season, there is a greater sense of friendship and camaraderie. Every episode it feels like the viewer is part of this group of friends too. The beauty of this season is that the gang don't just work together, most of them feel like genuine friends, and the different friendships that have blossomed are endearing and heartfelt. There is never too much gal pal action with Mina and Nic. Devon and Mina are close as well, which has been a delight. Irving was even a groomsman at Devon's wedding. Now, all we need is more Hawkfor!

3. Nic's Vulnerability

Nic is the resident caretaker and has always been in a supporting role to everyone else. This season, the series has put the focus on her and what makes her tick. We have discovered that she directs much of her attention to tending to others, but she doesn't do the best job taking care of herself. The revelation of Nic's panic attacks and her past miscarriage were great reminders of how human she is and that the caretaker is not without obstacles of her own. She's a more well-rounded character by herself rather than as an extension to Conrad.

4. Devon Character Development

While Devon's cheating arc with Julian and wedding debacle with Priya sucked, Devon has developed nicely so far this season. He is a more confident doctor in his own right, and he's been deemed "Conrad 2.0" by Mina because he has taken similar creative approaches when it comes to treating his patients and having their best interest at heart. He's excelling as a doctor, and his journey in that regard is gratifying. Devon also interacts better with the group and has better screentime.

5. Sentimental Cases and Sympathetic Patients

The development of characters didn't stop at the main characters that we know and love. It also extended to the multitude of cases that the series has taken on so far. No matter how big or small, there was a personal investment in each case and patient. The Lily's weren't the exception, they have become the rule. From a set of premature twins fighting for their lives to single mother Zoey losing one child and nearly losing another, the emotional cases did not stop. The Resident season two came for our feels, and they are holding them with a vise grip.

6. CoNic Evolution

The first season had CoNic slowly finding their way back to one another, but the second season has them happy and in love while still being greatly affected by their past together. The two have steamy, sweet, and swoon-worthy scenes. They have grown in their relationship together, but it's not without some wrinkles. The second season so far has given CoNic 'shippers everything that they have been craving including flashbacks to when they first met, background on what drove them apart, and a shocking revelation about their devastating miscarriage.

7. Medical Device and Manufacturing Storyline

The second season has expanded so that it's not just covering medical errors on a micro-level. It is also exploring other ways in which the system is flawed and corrupt beyond big Pharma. It is a deep-dive into something that isn't portrayed as often: the medical device world and how products are manufactured and used for profit at the expense of sick and in need individuals. It's an intriguing and informative plot that has and continues to develop nicely and organically, and it shows that the series has a plethora of material to dig into without feeling one-note or redundant.

8. Incorporating More Medical Staff

The world of Chastain expanded during the sophomore season, and it has overall enriched the experience. Sure, our faves are, well, our faves, but when watching a medical series you also want to see more than just a handful of doctors and one nurse practitioner. It takes many cogs to make the well-oiled machine run smoothly, and this season the series has increased the background medical staff with nurses, paramedics, and other doctors and attendings, and they have personalities that make them stand out and feel as familiar to viewers as they do the main characters.

9. AJ Austin

AJ is a gift to the series, and he would agree. Malcolm-Jamal Warner was upped to series regular for the sophomore season, and it has been one of the best moves. AJ is magnetic. He's funny, intelligent, and somehow he can interact with any other character on the series, and it's prime viewing every time. Season two has afforded the series to shade in AJ so that he doesn't risk coming across one-dimensional, and he's a heck of a scene-stealer

10. Multilayered Bell

Bell was always a complex character who danced on the line of antagonist/antihero, but the second season so far has fleshed him out in so many ways and made him the dark horse and one of the most compelling characters of the season. He's not a one-dimensional character. There's more depth to him than in the first season, and Bruce Greenwood is phenomenal at capturing Bell's complexities and keeping him one of the series' most engaging characters.

11. Softer Mina

Make no mistake, before this, there was nothing wrong with Mina Okafor. She remains one of the best characters of the series. So far, the second season has dug deeper, and as a result, we get to see more sides to her. There is so much beyond her stoic exterior. Mina's relationship with Micah has brought out a softer side to her. She's in touch with her emotions, open, and vulnerable. Also, the death of her sisters was enlightening albeit tragic backstory that only made her more badass.

12. Marshall

Marshall is another addition that has strengthened the second season. He's an intriguing character who is difficult to place, and he left fans in a state of indecision as to whether he was an asset or hindrance to Conrad's life. There was trepidation when it came to accepting Marshall and making sense of his motives, but the revelation that he's suffering from Crohn's disease and seems genuine in wanting to repair his relationship with his son has made him an unexpected fan-favorite. The midseason finale has this unexpected fan-favorite's life hanging in the balance. If Marshall dies, we riot!

13. Another Deliciously Diabolical Villain

It seemed impossible that anyone could top the ultimate villainess Lane Hunter, and to her credit, her reign isn't over just yet. However; Gordon is doing a damn good job being a vile creature who needs to be taken down. In many ways, Gordon's actions are worse than Lane's because of how far and wide his reach is with his medical devices. There are far more lives in jeopardy as a result of his fraud. He's not above having people killed to protect himself and QuoVadis. It's like he has no conscience, and he's taking perverse pleasure in roping Bell in and using him. Gordon is more powerful than Lane was, and it's hard to defeat him when everyone is still in the dark.

14. Conrad and Marshall's Complex Relationship

Marshall's addition has given us better insight into Conrad via their fraught relationship. The two men are a lot of like in many ways, and Conrad slowly coming to grips with that and reluctantly embracing his father has been a touching journey for his character. There is so much to their relationship that remains to be seen, and it is possible viewers will never understand the full extent of the tension between them. Nevertheless; Marshall has made a genuine effort to be a part of his son's life, and Conrad has been more receptive than expected.

15. Fresh Dynamics that ALWAYS Work

There hasn't been a single combination of characters this season that hasn't worked. The chemistry of this cast is out of this world, and they all gel well with one another effortlessly. This season more dynamics are being explored, and each one brings something fun, different, and entertaining. For example, AJ and pretty much any character is guaranteed amusement. Kit's addition has led to some fun scenes with Bell and AJ. Who can forget the guys versus girls surgery with Kit, Mina, AJ, and Bell? The Resident is using its cast effectively.

16. Kit Voss

Kit Voss is the best addition of the season. I don't know how long we Resident Fanatics can expect to see Jane Leeves on our screens, but we'll cherish every second of it. The badass Ortho Goddess has Bell eating out of the palm of her hand, has an entertaining rivalry with AJ, and has taken Mina under her wing as mentee bringing some much-needed girl power. She's funny, whip-smart, gorgeous and was an instant hit. She certainly left her mark on the first half of the season, and I hope she continues to do so for the second half.

17. Mina and AJ's Slow Burn

The kick-butt chemistry between Mina and AJ makes them one of the best dynamics on the series. Whether you 'ship them romantically or prefer their mentor/mentee vibe, it's easy to adore the pair when they share the screen. They have the amusing banter that is irresistible. They also can get serious. AJ has a way of drawing out Mina's vulnerability and helping her evolve and grow, and Mina is one of the only people who can tame the Raptor. He has genuine feelings for her that may or may not be reciprocated, but he's an honorable man who respects her relationship with Micah and the position he's in as her mentor.

18. Conrad and Bell Team Ups

Conrad and Bell have an intense, combative sort of relationship. Bell always has it out for Conrad, and sort of still does it seems, and Conrad doesn't respect Bell for various reasons. This season, we have witnessed a different side to their relationship. There is still something brewing there, and as far as we know, Bell still has it out for Conrad, but they also have worked well together. They have teamed up multiple times, respected one another's opinions and positions and taken them into account, and they have helped patients and improved the hospital with their joint efforts. It has been fascinating.

19. Well- Balanced Writing and Character Development

The characters' lives have expanded outside of Chastain and that adds dimension to them and rounds them out more. It's refreshing to see the work-life balance in action. By showcasing other aspects of the characters' lives, their character development has improved for everyone, and the writing has improved overall. The show has found a perfect balance of drama, humor, and suspense. There is a perfect balance of medical drama, romance, and character development. Therefore, the season has been at its strongest, most emotional, thrilling, and addictive to date.

20. Music Playlist

The music was one of the best things about the first season too, to be honest. Fortunately, they have maintained that greatness with the perfect song choices for scenes. There is a reason The Resident is one of the top ten new shows of 2018 on Tunefind. They have some of the best music in the game, so much so that music loving Resident fanatics mosey on over to Tunefind in search of the multitude of songs played throughout each episode. You can also find some of their best tracks on Spotify. Much like the creators, writers, cast, and crew, the musical director is a gem.

21. There's More of It!

What's the best thing about the second season so far?! We know that there will be more of it! An additional nine episodes were picked up this season which means that season two is a full-season order with 22 episodes in total. Given how the season has played out, the show will make use with the additional time. That means more awesome storytelling and more of these characters that we adore. The Resident season two is a win and has come a long way from its strong but frustratingly overcriticized first season.

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