The CW Superheroes Promo: Some Serious Nerd Love Right Here!

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Everyone is getting in on the action, but as Iris West points out so elegantly in this promo for The CW's upcoming fall season, there's "some serious nerd love" right here.

This promo includes love for Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

It's great that we'll have Kara Zor El kicking some butt on The CW, but let's not forget we've already had gals doing the job on the network for quite some time.

What's missing from this particular promo?

Love for Canary, that's what.

No, every promo cannot feature every character, so I'm considering this a special Valentine to the nerds.

So, nerds, do you not love Canary? Is she too badass for you? Does she scare you or something?

Because this particular promo features a lot of other nerdiness.

First and foremost, we have heroes. Kara, Barry, Oliver...they're up front and presenting. From the Legends team, we're focusing on Firestorm, which makes a lot of nerdy sense given Dr. Stein.

Except the scenes are picking up on non-nerd Jax! Hmmm. Conundrum.

We're loving Cisco reminding people he has powers. Someday maybe we'll see his name in the big, bold print alongside the others. VIBE.

Two love interests get in some zingers: Felicity Smoak and Iris West. 

Dare I say it's probably the best use of Iris in a promo yet? And she has the best line.

A lot of people are saying they're not gonna let that happen again. And let's be honest, there are a whole host of things these guys should never let happen again.

Damien Darhk (was dead, no?) will be a part of the Legends of Doom, and he's forcing out some hot breath on unwitting passersby in the promo.

One thing that really struck me was just how much of a dork Oliver Queen really is.

He may have once been a billionaire playboy, but after five years outside his element learning hand to hand combat, he turned into a bit of an outcast. Interesting.

Oh, and remember that Black Flash dude who appeared when Barry and friends ended Hunter Zoloman?

If we weren't positive he was going to be back, the close up of his crazy cry (and the casting news we had a while back) sure drove the issue home!

This is just a fun one. Watch and enjoy, you guys!

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Eobard: Unfortunately, Miss Danvers, we need you awake for this procedure.
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