Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "These Ties That Bind"

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While fans gather in our These Ties That Bind" include the show's new direction, Cristina and Owen, Little Sloan and Little Grey, and the lack of MerDer drama ...

1. So, Grey's Anatomy appears to be the new Ghost Whisperer. Are you happy with this direction?

McCritic: No. I'm all for fairy tale love... in fairy tales! Shonda and the writers can't take pride in how realistic their show depicts relationships, only to create a story line based around interaction with a ghost.

missingBurke: I'm all for more Denny Duquette, but this development strains credulity.

iheartizzie: Hallucinations occur when an individual has a tumor in the temporal lobe of one's brain. Therefore, I can only imagine this angle is a way for the show to slowly reveal Izzie's long-rumored brain tumor. If that's the case, you gotta hand it to the writers for crafting an interesting (and handsome!) way to bring on the disease.

It's Just Izzie

Has Dr. Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl) officially lost it?

2. Will Mark heed Derek's advice and keep "Little Sloan" away from "Little Grey?"

iheartizzie: Unlikely. That's like someone on The Bachelor actually finding love on the show.

McCritic: I'm actually gonna say yes. Via his relationship with Callie, a softer side has developed to Mark. He'll respect his best friend's wishes.

missingBurke: Of course not. Mark isn't a bad guy, but the part of the body he thinks with isn't exactly in his head.

3. The addition of Sadie: YAY-die? Or NAY-die?

missingBurke: Her first few scenes felt a bit forced. She leaps into bed with Meredith, she takes off her shirt and cuts herself. Must the writers bludgeon viewers over the head right away with just how free-spirited Sadie appears to be?

McCritic: You're asking this question solely due to the witty way in which it's phrased, aren't you? Well played, Round Table writers! It's early, but so far Sadie seems like an enjoyable injection of enthusiasm.

iheartizzie: She has potential, even if it's just as an obstacle in the friendship between Cristina and Meredith. For a pair of dark and twisty people, they get along way too well.

4. How long until Cristina and Hunt take their relationship to the on-call room level (if you know what we mean!)?

McCritic: Dr. Hunt means business. He and Cristina may go steady at one point, but I can't see the goateed doctor engaging in any on-call room activity that doesn't involve sleep.

iheartizzie: However long it takes viewers to come up with a nickname for the potential couple. The most obvious possibility is likely too X-rated.

missingBurke: Soon, and when we least expect. The sparks between these two are so red hot, they may explode at any time.

5. Do you yearn for more Mer-Der drama this season?

iheartizzie: Yes. And I have a suspicion Sadie will provide it.

missingBurke: I just yearn for Derek to stop wearing a shirt in bed. Come on, McDreamy, it's gotta be hot in Seattle!

McCritic: No way. Meredith and Derek are finally at peace in their relationship. Isn't that what viewers have been clamoring for? Let's enjoy their normalcy.

Four Docs

Will Sadie (Melissa George, right) cause friction between Meredith and Derek?

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You didn't even mention the lack of George. His fans miss him!


I know, TR deserves better than that. I want him with Lexie and I will scream if he and Izzie don't talk soon. Mark and Lexie are just disgusting. Watching a 40-year old man sleep with a young girl is sick! They have no chemistry.


katie is so vocal, maybe she could speak up for her best friend and the horrible way they are treating him? She whined a lot last season and she never got treated as shabbily as TR is being treated right now. She humiliated the show and got a huge story. TR is always classy and never complains and gets the shaft? There is something wrong with that when whiny divas get rewarded over professional good guys. She was mroe than vocal about IW, so why doesn't she stand up for him now?


I agree with the general consensus that the continuity of this show is falling apart. The backstage drama needs to be kept so and the characters that we love need to get the time they deserve. Adding new characters isn't a problem IF they don't totally detract from the flow of the story. Right now, we have interns we barely see who somehow aren't learning ANYTHING and have an awful lot of time to be cutting each other up. When Meredith and the rest were interns they were definitely learning and DEFINITELY had no time for secret societies. This is just one example of the fading credibility that is sneaking in. I think everyone who writes for this show should go back and watch their Season 1 DVDs - or heck, the first 3 episodes of this season! Find the holes, patch what needs patching with some sort of sense and THEN we can move on the the 43 new characters we've gotten since then.


Alexaholic, I agree, the character of Karev is getting so sidelined its stupid. I think it is a shame Kate Walsh left (in general..) but also for the fact that I think Addison and Alex would've made an interesting duo but yeah, he needs something good. I just think the show has lost its sense of character... The Chief was the wise guy who put things into perspective and now he's letting Bailey run around removing people's organs left right and center and basically being stubborn and dangerous! Level Headed Bailey has now become gun-ho crazy... I just want the old Grey's back where the cast integrated more, there was more emphasis on the patients and the cases were extremely interesting (think cement boy!) and I just get the feeling some things are just rushed, there is no continuity. Rant (no 2) over!


Where the F*** was GEORGIE!!!!!!!!!!! i dont even rember him being in the episode!!! and we need more MERDER STAT!!!!!!!!! and we need more kevin mckidd and cristina!!!! they are great together!!!!!!!!


Joey, I could not agree with you more! I am utterly disappointed with the storyline involving Izzie and Denny---Shonda, Enough already!! Are you trying to cash in on the "Twilight" rage---because there is no place for the undead on GA. It's a little ridiculous and those of us who love ALEX don't want to see him get even more f'ed up than he already is---we were just starting to see good ALex and now you gotta dump this on him.
As for Sadie, Sadie, cocky lady---I almost took out my exacto knife and cut the cord to my cable TV---I don't care for anyone who comes dancing in there like she owns the place and the cutting problem is completely romanticized--a very bad message indeed for teens and young adults. Self-mutilation IS a serious illness and the story should have been handled more responsibly. I was happy with several things: love Mary McDonnell's character and the way she caught Bailey up short. I absolutely love Cristina and Owen Hunt and am eager to see their relationship develop. The verrrrrry interesting look (of longing) that McSteamy gave Lexie in the bar set my blood to racing! I think that would be a very good relationship for both of them, and let's face it, Lexie needs to grow up and he's a nice grown up man who wants to be admired--she would look up to him. He so clearly suffers from self esteem issues. Besides, they are both darling and would look great in bed together!!


I am a huge Grey's Fan... watched it from the start but come on... seriously?! The whole Denny thing is rediculous. I think that Shonda and the team like JDM so much they just want to keep bringing him back but the way they are doing it is so... ARGH. If Izzy has a tumour then I think it will more than likely be cured by the Shepard Method or something. I just get the feeling that everything is a little sketchy at the moment and the whole Hahn departure has thrown things a little. I also think the cast is way too big now. They are adding more and more members without actually finishing off the story of the current cast... the chief and adele? Alex and Rebecca/Ava/Jane Doe? It's all just crazy and I would never have ever thought that the most stable character on the show would be MEREDITH! I mean, come on. As for the whole George issue I am appalled at the face time the guy is getting and all he ever seems to do when he gets a scene is blink and stare in wonderment... Katherine Heigl had the nerve to say that the writers didn't give her anything good and then poor TR doesn't get anything at all! I say they get rid of the stupid intern storyline, hook up Christina and Owen and BRING BACK BURKE. I am a gay guy myself and I think all is forgiven, the guy knew how to act, he gave the show some sort of wisdom... which now isn't provided by the chief or Bailey because they are so obsessed with being the best now. I have to say though, Mary MacDonnell's addition was wonderful, it is that kind of doctor the show needs, with a good story that is thought-provoking. I just think the characters have completely changed and rather than sorting out the issues that they have, they just add extra characters. I think its clearly an issue when Private Practice becomes the stronger show! Sort it out, Grey's! Go back to the drawing board.


ok what the heck! im sitting there watching the episode and im watching izzie be haunted by her dead fiance. And im like wow they have run out of story lines but then she touches him and kisses him. and im like wow! so now izzie is kissing invisible men and most likely sleeping with and invisible man. im thats just beyond weird. literally though u cant get weirder than that. can u imagine alex walks in and sees izzie like having sex with someone who isn't actually there. And you cant forget that she is once again ditching alex for denny. So despite how much i dont want izzie to be written off the show with a brain tumor, i dont see how else this messed up situation could be explained


More MerDer, more more George. Please. I love George, please tell me he isn't leaving. I wish you would address this.

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