Better Off Ted Review: "Change We Can't Believe In"

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OMG.  Perhaps someone's been listening to our constant complaints, but Better Off Ted brought back the Veridian commercials with last night's second episode, "Change We Can't Believe In."

While not as strong as the earlier episode in the night, this second installment was still a great episode.  There was no overall office theme the episode was satiring and instead focused on Ted, Veronica, and Linda attempt to change, or not change people.

Lem and Phil Face Veronica

Ted tried to convince a security guard to not talk so much, Veronica tried to change Phil and Lem, while Linda was convinced she didn't need to change the boring Mr. Krebs.  The episode's plot lines didn't necessarily go anywhere, and we were just fine with that.

Luckily, the episode proved to have plenty of quirky humor in Veronica's story line where she instilled her usual fear to a more suspectible separated Phil and Lem.  Ted and Linda had slightly less strong plot lines, but still provided entertainment.

Overall, we rate the episode a A- and hate the fact the show is getting back in its groove just as ABC is rushing to push this season out the door in time for Lost.  Our usual Better Off Ted quotes from the episode are after the jump.

Ted: Every time I walk by the guy, he sucks me into a 15-minute conversation. You do that eight times a day, that adds up to... well, time I could be working on my math skills. | permalink
Commercial: Veridian Dynamics. Friendship. It's so important. But it's different at work. Time spent with friends at work robs your employer of opportunity. And robbing people is wrong. Veridian Dynamics. Friendship. It's the same as stealing. | permalink
Linda: So did you hear the latest office gossip? Ryan the security guard quit his job because you're a giant douche-mobile. That's right, you're a douche on wheels. Or perhaps a decorative sculpture hanging above a baby douche's crib. The gossip didn't specify. | permalink
Veronica: Here, you do it.
Phil: Me?
Veronica: No, the microphone-attaching elf who lives in my drawer.
Phil: Talking about drawer elves isn't going to make this any less scary. | permalink

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    This show is amazing. Finally something with some real humor on network tv.

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