Family Guy Review: "Dial Meg for Murder"

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Poor Meg has been the butt of Family Guy jokes for eight seasons now and she finally got her chance to get her revenge on her family and fellow students in last night's "Dial Meg for Murder."  So how did the half hour of Meg going postal end up?

Well unfortunately, the episode was a little too offensive and horrible, even for an episode of Family Guy.  While we've come to accept the show's attempts to further and further push the envelope, did we really need to see a baby get punched and a grown man anally raped... by two different people?  One of which was his own daughter!?

Hardened Meg

For those of you with thicker skin to child abuse and rape, the episode had plenty of laughs and was definitely fun for anyone annoyed by Meg's treatment.  Who wasn't smiling when she slowly loaded a bag with soda cans, knowing full well what she was going to do.

The episode also guest starred Chace Crawford as he painfully attempted to voice Luke.  Apparently this guy needs to stick to Gossip Girl, because this stud has a face for television, not a voice for radio.  Luckily, Luke only had two scenes and our favorite character Consuela saved the first and the handicapable jokes at Joe's expense saved the second.

Our final complaint about the episode is the use of realistic photos.  When this bit was first introduced by South Park it was hilarious.  When Family Guy occasionally uses it, it's still funny.  However, using two real life photos in one episode?  Time to fire some of those manatees.

Who are we kidding?  We know you guys loved the episode and come here for our Family Guy quotes and not the review.  They're after the jump.

Peter: Hold on, Lois, this is some serious parenting, I'm gonna go put on my Cosby sweater. | permalink
Stewie: Wow, Meg's one of those crazy chicks that hooks up with an even crazier guy... cuts to Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy. | permalink
Black Inmate [to Meg]: Did you also get caught trying to vote in Ohio? | permalink
Mort: What kind of birdhouse can you build with popsicles, roofies, and a rubber mallet?
Herbert: It's for a rare African bird called "none your business." | permalink


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I didn't like this episode as much cause I hate Meg. The fact she is so annoying and unfunny, makes me glad she gets mistreated all the time and if the butt of all the jokes.
I wanna see her being mistreated as usual in future episodes, in family guy world her mistreatment are surreal jokes. But her she is just a plan hateable psychotic b****. I was really hoping for the family to kick her head in as a pay back joke at the end of the episode...:( didn't get it.
Instead got Meg telling an awful unfunny joke. See that's why no one likes her. And I want stewie get even with her for making peter punch him. I mean he is meant to be the one doing the killing.


Wow! Harsh words. Having a daughter anally rape her father is taking it one step too far. If you find that kind of "humor" funny you may need to stop and think about yourself and the type of person you are before you start ranting on an online blog. My point? Get a life.


You douche bag and pointless critics take these cartoons too seriously and just need to stop watching them.


@Matt Touche. Next episode I'll keep an open mind to rape and child abuse.


Grow a sense of humor. If you've watched Family Guy before, you should know that they make fun of EVERYONE. nobody is safe from family guy. Go into it with an open mind and a sense of humor and you will be fine. Obviously Family Guy isn't for you.

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Wow, Meg's one of those crazy chicks that hooks up with an even crazier guy... cuts to Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy.


Hold on, Lois, this is some serious parenting, I'm gonna go put on my Cosby sweater.