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Modern Family Review: Deceptively Hard Lay-Ups, Trapeze School and Training Bras

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One of the best episodes in Modern Family history combined humor and sweetness, while eliminating the sap.

If there's been one criticism of the sitcom during its first season, it's that the show becomes too cheesy and too preachy during its episode-concluding monologues. It's simply unnecessary for one character to sum up the theme of the half hour with a PSA-type speech.

But "Benched" actually went in the other direction, ending an installment that featured bonding moments between Phil and Jay, as well as Claire and Gloria, with this vengeful, hilarious zinger from Claire, aimed at Haley:

Alex, honey, when you're out shopping, you might want to pick yourself up a training bra. I know you don't need one now but your little boobies are going to come in soon. Mommy loves you, kitten! | permalink

It was Modern Family at its best, showcasing a realistic relationship between mother and teenage daughter, while tweaking the situation with gut-wrenchingly funny one-liners.

Friendly Fight

Claire wasn't the only one dishing these out, of course. Manny was on fire, cracking us up with his description of a basketball lay-up ("Deceptively hard. A curious mix of dance and strength.") and then his play on the court, ducking for cover any time a pass was throw in his direction.

Phil also stood up to Jay. The former character has been fleshed out nicely as the season has worn on, becoming more than just a goofball father (who went to trapeze school, apparently, and who reminded Jay, quietly, that he sleeps with his daughter).

We also loved Justin Kirk as Mitchell's new boss. We encourage him to grow out that beard, and we encourage the show to keep him around for as long as possible.

But enough from us. We know readers just want to laugh over this week's Modern Family quotes. We've listed a bunch below. Did we miss your favorite?

Mitchell's new boss: Do you guys surf?
Cameron: Only for bargains on the Web! | permalink
Phil: A relationship with your father-in-law is tough. You need to prove you can stand up to him, while being respectful. It's like walking a tightrope, which by the way I can do, because I went to trapeze school. | permalink
Cameron: I can't pressure Mitchell. But I really, really, really just want him to get a job so I can go back to being a stay-at-home dad/trophy wife. | permalink
Mitchell: It's Cameron's turn to be out in the world interacting with other grown-ups while I get to stay at home and plot the death of Dora the Explorer. | permalink
Luke: Manny and I are going to practice lay-ups.
Manny: They are deceptively hard. A curious mix of dance and strength.
Luke: You're ruining it again. | permalink
Phil: One day I'm gonna be a grandfather and then everybody better hide their meat. | permalink


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    I was kinda sad that there was no Hailey this week. That girl is funny AND fine.


    I also like when Mitchell says "I'll take that job", and the guy says, "well I think you better now."

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