South Park Review: "Crippled Summer"

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After the hilarious, censored two-part 200th episode spectacular, we weren't exactly sure what Matt Stone and Trey Parker were going to throw at us, but we were definitely hoping for something better than "Crippled Summer."

Towelie Gets High

The episode was clearly divided into two story lines: the South Park boys staging an Intervention (parodying the A&E show) for Towelie, while Jimmy went up against Nathan in a color war at their handicap camp, Camp Tardicaca.  Yes, the two story lines were loosely tied together by Towelie's job at the camp and the Intervention style facts through the the episode, but it was a very loose connection.

While Towelie has been played out over the years, we actually enjoyed most of his intervention storyline.  The strongest part of the episode was the intervention itself at the end.  Between Butters heart-felt speech to Cartman's several hundred page rant against the Jews, we loved it.

We're glad it was Wash Cloth that won Towelie over.  Sure we seem to remember Towelie being some sort of robot that probably shouldn't be able to reproduce, let alone with a human, but it's the humanizing element to the towel that makes him so good.  "Who hired that towel?  It can barely walk, let alone dry someone off."

Now on to the Camp Tardicaca elements.  Clearly the episode had some fun poking fun at old Hannah Barbara / Warner Brothers cartoons with a bunch of the handicap children and the Nathan-Mimsy relationship felt very Mice & Men, but the actual jokes just weren't that good.

Despite Jimmy's ridiculous new balance with his ability to surf and play the ukulele, the character kind of took the backseat to Nathan and Mimsy and their various failed plots to kill Jimmy.  After awhile, the jokes become irritating with really only the Shark humping that had us laughing.

Maybe we're being extra critical because it followed two of our favorite episodes, but we feel like "Crippled Summer" was by far the weakest of the season.  With amazing episodes like "Medicinal Fried Chicken," we just expected more.  Now for our favorite South Park quotes from the episode:

Butters: You're not the Towelie you used to be. Where you used to be fluffy and absorbent, now you are crusty and unable to absorb the smallest amount of waster. | permalink
Kyle: Over the past few months, I have watched you go from an ancillary character with a few amusing catch phrased to a dried out spooge rag covered in the jizz of a thousand older men. | permalink
Counselor: Who hired that towel? It can barely walk, let alone dry someone off. | permalink


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Oh, oh, it is wednesday...


that was a good show that was very funny and i played it all day long two thumb up




P.S. It's just a south park episode.
How informed can someone be about it?
You watch it - you either like it or not.
You don't need to know the names to be "informed" about a cartoon episode.


Good, so it wasn't just me who thought this episode was utterly boring. Episodes seem to get boring when they focus too much on minor the episode they made about Pip. Yes, this episode was really bad.
oh and the guy who felt the need to correct you - and used that as a way to discredit you. Wes, ever heard of error of fact? Seeing one error, you assume there are more...weak critical thinking skills.


Hey guys, thanks for the corrections. No clue why I put down Kevin when in my notes I had the correct name. Sorry I didn't enjoy this episode as much as you, but according to the user ratings a lot of other people didn't either. Just an opinion. It's okay, after providing me with 14 years of laughs, I'll let the occasionally bad episode slide.


Seriously? This episode was hilarious. You don't know what you're talking about. Linking in the 'intervention black screens' with what was happening at the summer camp was hilarious. ...At least I thought so. "Mimsy was supposed to blow the shark whistle while still under the water. There appears to have been a fundamental misunderstanding." Come on. It was funny. Lighten up.


Wow, you know you've got a steaming pile of crap review on your hands when the reviewer can't even get character names right. (It's Nathan, not Kevin you dolt - oh and you misspelled Mimsey which wouldn't be so bad if it was SPELLED OUT FOR YOU during the episode) So much for credibility I guess. If you don't "get" what's truly funny in this episode that doesn't make it a bad one, it simply makes you too unaware to render an informed review of anything related to South Park.


Wow. That is a very interesting observation.


First thing, guess what episode they produced after "Cartoon Wars Part 2" ? (check it out on wiki). Then, the redundant gag with classic cartoon is so right on the spot. This is what they want, show us something cartoonish, easy to follow, warm reminders of childhood, and still entertaining, a la south park. And they had fun doing it, but its never enough for them. To show their anger, they had to bring the "worst character ever", "Towel-y-e-y" ; on Intervention ! Parody, again... brillant, again... there's the other easy heart-full story to follow, with text, please. POW! thats it, "CRIPPLED SUMMER" is an All-American TV show satire but it is essentially a response to the censorship from "200-201", a very good "crappy episode" with a hate speech from eric, timmy singing, jimmy surfing, a crying butters, and remarkable friends, Stan and Kyle. if you are still reading, please share your opinion. cheers!

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South Park Season 14 Episode 7 Quotes

Towelie had a girlfriend he really liked. Then she got pregnant and had a little wash cloth.


Who hired that towel? It can barely walk, let alone dry someone off.