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South Park Review: "You Have 0 Friends"

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We're actually kind of shocked South Park took this long to come up with a Facebook parody episode. We're talking about a show that's been known to mock current events within mere weeks of them happening.  I'm not even sure how they write the storyline for those episodes, let along animate and voice them in time.

Mad Friends

However, nearly six years after the website's inception, South Park have given the phenomenon the same treatment they gave World of Warcraft years ago: an entire episode dedicated to it, "You Have 0 Friends."

Maybe it's good that Parker and Stone waited, because the episode was really able to nail just how ridiculous Facebook has become at this point in the game.  Whether it was Stan's father and grandmother joining, Wendy getting jealous over an 83 year old woman's comments, or Kyle constantly nagging Stan to help him in Farmville, everything in the episode has probably happened to you.

Well, except for maybe that whole being sucked into a Tron-like universe when you attempt to delete your account.  We may never know for sure though, because who's really willing to risk deleting their profile and losing all their friends, comments, and status history!?

While the Tron scenes had some great moments like people just saying "ignore" or audibly announcing their statuses, our favorite part by far was that all battles were determined by Yahtzee.  Great parody of the horrible games that somehow dominate Facebook.

Kyle, meanwhile, went on his own quest to find friends, after losing all his friends due to friending the friendless Kip.  Kyle enlisted the help of Cartman, who hosted a web blog, Mad Friends, which was, of course, a pretty funny take on Jim Cramer's Mad Money. 

Although clearly the B story of the two, Kyle, Cartman and Kip's adventure was the ultimate satire of Facebook.  People really have looked to Facebook and following statuses as ways of legitimately keeping up with friends.  It's a scary world we live in when Facebook and reality are blending together.

Before we go into a random, tangent rant, we'll stick to reviewing the episode that did it for us.  It was a great parody, but just a decent episode that could have had more LOL moments.  Sorry, too much Facebook.  Our favorite South Park quotes after the jump.

Stan: Are you doing that stupid Facebook stuff again?
Cartman: Stupid Facebook stuff...
Stan: Why are you guys in here wasting your time? We're supposed out playing video games. | permalink
Kyle: I could really use a friend right now.
Stan: Okay dude, I'm here for you.
Kyle: Okay, then get on Facebook and fertilize my crops. | permalink
Cartman: This is the way the world works, if you want want to fine some quality friends you have to wade through all the d**ks fist. | permalink
Randy: Hey Stan, my computer says we're not friends anymore.
Stan: My Facebook profile went rogue, dad. Had to go into the circuitry and do battle with it. I sent all my friends somewhere else.
Randy: Okay, so we're not friends then?
Stan: F**k off dad. | permalink

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