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Family Guy Review: "The Splendid Source"

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We'll admit it, we were never big fans of Cleveland.  We never really missed the guy when he left Family Guy and never have watched more than a couple episodes of his spin-off show.

Cleveland is Back!

However, last night, much like at our high school reunion, nostalgia kicked in and we excited to see someone we never really liked before.  So how was "The Splendid Source," an episode that got the old gang together for one last road trip?

The episode certainly started off strong and opted for a narration by Peter and less of the cutaway gags that Family Guy has relied on.  In fact, has anyone else noticed the trend of less and less cutaway gags this season?  Go McFarlane and crew!

We were big fans of the episode until somewhere around the second commercial break where the episode returned and just kind of rushed through to make a story without great jokes.  There was some seriously great jokes in there.  Some were racist.  Some were making fun of REO Speedwagon.  But at least they were all making us laugh.

We can't really think of too many great jokes towards the end.  In fact most of the good Family Guy quotes were from the first half.  The last half?  It kind of just ended.  Hey guys, guess what?  Chicken butt.

Quagmire: Joe, don't you dare. I'll push you right into traffic. | permalink
Peter: REO Speedwagon saved us several steps as they too had backtracked to hoke some extent. But when their trail had led to a bartender in Virgina, they had given up, much on the way the world has given up on them. In fact, just to kick them a couple extra bucks, here's five seconds of "Time For Me To Fly." | permalink
Peter: Cleveland?
Cleveland: Hey fellas.
Peter: Holy crap! Who knew we'd run into you, except everyone cause FOX ruined it in the promos. | permalink
Peter: Everyone, don't get too used to being around black people, cause we are going to Washington D.C. | permalink
Cleveland: Take me back to Virginia, so I can put some Bacitracin on this and pork my wife. | permalink


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