Family Guy Season Premiere Review: "And Then There Were Fewer"

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Family Guy made its high definition debut last night with its season nine premiere, and what better way than with a beautiful computer-generated intro for their Clue-style episode?

Family Guy Clue Episode

Besides having a visual feast of an intro, the murder plot was actually fairly cleverly done and brought together pretty much the entire Family Guy cast of characters and allowed them all to play off each other as we attempted to solve the mystery.

While there were certainly times the plot dragged on, the show's style of constant jokes kept us entertained for the full hour.  That's impressive for a cartoon.  We may have saw the twist ending coming, but again, it's a cartoon.  We're here for the jokes.

So, without spoiling the surprise ending, there's not much more we can say in our review, so we'll just leave you with some of our Family Guy quotes after the jump.

Carl: So in the bear world, are pandas like your version of interracial children?
Bear: Yeah Pandas are something I don't agree with.
Carl: They're cute though right?
Bear: Just when they're babies. | permalink
Tom Tucker: The same thing happened to me... but with a mustache. | permalink
Peter: I assumed it was for being able to fart the alphabet, which I almost did before I pooped the "s." Owell, everyone was upset on the bus long before that. | permalink
James Woods: Look, I'm a number of things. A member of Mensa. A huge hit with the ladies. Someone who would have broken bigger if he wasn't so impossible to work with. But a murderer!? | permalink


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I think this episode was great as opposed to the new episodes that they're giving now. I wish more episodes were as great as this.


Personally I think this episode was terrible. They do very few flashbacks if any, and I watch family guy to get some sort of range of jokes. Random situational humor is a good idea and a trait of family guy's that shouldn't be relinquished and it allows for the writers to write their own personal funny thoughts, instead of writing a plot then asking themselves, "what would Diane say in this situation?" It's a little too real for me, the absurdity is what I'm looking for, it allows for me to get away from the seriousness of everyday life. This episode felt rushed and was littered with lazy writing. Writing good dialogue is the key to good humor, and this episode was too much of a change for me to enjoy the serious and story-developing batter between characters. Guess I'm just used to an occasional break from the storyline with a memory, with this I don't remember any. Hope they're not trying to work away from the "randomness" that these characters can work with and not look unnatural.

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Family Guy Season 9 Episode 1 Quotes

I can't help feeling this would be sadder if she weren't heavy....


I assumed it was for being able to fart the alphabet, which I almost did before I pooped the "s." Owell, everyone was upset on the bus long before that.