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During the Family Guy season nine premiere, James Woods invites all his enemies to his house and we're treated to a Clue-style mystery.  Spoiler alert: everyone thinks Tom Tucker did it, but it turns out to be Diane Simmons.  Lois finds out in the end and Stewie saves her life in the nick of time.

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sigh, so much promise, so many wasted spots. searching people's rooms for evidence? naturally there should be a spot with the old man. pairing quagmire off with a female...and nothing?? no shameless dialogue? brian's ex's boyfriend dies and not one conversation between the two of them? i thought id be happy to get away from the brian and stewy show but if thats what theyre serving up then they may as well pack up shop or continue doing a Simpsons.


Other than a pretty decent ending, this episode sucked donkey balls. It had no clever cultural references, when they cut to a clip of something that is funny or really anything like that. I think that it was perhaps a failed movie, but boy did it drag on and on and on. The editing was poor, most of the time, Stewie was no where to be found, and then, all of a sudden, he's back with the group. In my opinion, one of the worst all time episodes: boring, unfunny, uninteresting. Stewie should have "shot" this episode!


Snoozefest. I was so excited when I saw the previews and knew it was going to be Clue-ish in nature. What a letdown. I could have turned this episode off at 30 mins. and been just as satisfied. It almost made me wish for a Conway Twitty or Surfin' bird breakaway.....that's how bad this episode was. I won't even ramble on about how lazy it is to introduce a character just to have her killed off. With all of the second tier characters that Family Guy has and could easily have been erased from the series, why introduce a new one?


Didn't like it.. Long and senseless. Visually is was awesome but it plodded along like a plow mule.


Actually, I thought it was a very great episode. It was chilling, interesting, and a great plot. And I laughed a lot in this episode. If you think this is a bad episode, you must like the Brian and Stewie episode.


I didn't like this episode. Only Stewie's line at the end had any snap. Very weak, very boring.


Never once did I even crack a smile. It was tedious.

Family Guy Season 9 Episode 1 Quotes

I can't help feeling this would be sadder if she weren't heavy....


I assumed it was for being able to fart the alphabet, which I almost did before I pooped the "s." Owell, everyone was upset on the bus long before that.