South Park Review: "Coon vs. Coon & Friends"

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After an extremely disappointing second part (or third if you're a douche and count season thirteen's "The Coon"), we were glad to get an entertaining, fitting finish to the Coon trilogy series with "Coon vs. Coon & Friends."

Mint Berry Crunch Picture

The episode dropped all the things we hated about the first two parts (read Captain Hindsight) and got rid of the pointless fluff that was last week's episode, and just delivered a solid, fun half hour.

While we prefer the political and social satires that South Park normally brings each week, this little bit of fan fare worked for us for a number of reasons in the end:

  • They killed Justin Bieber.  By popping off his head.  'Nuff said.
  • Fine, that wouldn't be a review if we ended there.
  • How about Cartman made the world a better place by destroying San Francisco, Burning Man, the aforementioned Bieber, Whole Foods and all synagogues?
  • Oh wait, that last one was so not cool.  Nor was calling Kyle the Human Kike.
  • But the part that makes it cool?  Cartman, like most super-villains, believed he truly was making the world a better place.
  • The twist ending that Mint Berry Crunch had super powers and saved the day.
  • The fact that Bradley was the fat goth chick's little brother. "F**k you, I have powers, you fat bitch!"

We feel compelled to discuss Kenny slash Mysterion's power outside of a mere bullet point.  So the way they handled it certainly fits within South Park mythology, minus the fact there have been some episodes were the boys acknowledged Kenny's death.

They purposely left some hilarious unanswered questions, like how baby Kenny turns into full blown Kenny at the same age and with the same memory.  That we're okay with.  We'll just chalk it up to the Cult of Cthulhu.

So was the free beer worth popping out a kid every week?  Sure, just ask any woman on welfare in the ghetto.  Snap.

You know where to find our favorite South Park quotes from the episode.


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Killing Justin Bieber is the only and best reason for this being the best ep ever. only wish it was true


Yes! Justin Bieber Died! OMG!


Well actually really cool episode, Mint Berry Crunch ! :D i didn't expect the lamest from them all could be super hero but ya its often lame ones ussaly are cool super heroes and wll fact he was with his got sister - who was in Cthulu cult like some heroes been sent to stop evil :) BUT funniest part was where that dude was saying hello my son im your wather :D i tought he addresing it to Kenny :D but now mint berry :D So Trey and Matt killed Kenny again ! You b----ds !
They made him cool for 3 - 4 episodes as mysterion :D and in the end killed by mint :D and fun part was where kenny shot himself to go home :D - And ouch his mom all time give him birth so she rember Kenny die all time - well only some prev episodes kenny parents where sad cause Kenny die but its ok.... and Kenny was all 5 season ? or 6 ?


ok i kinda liked the fact that kenny was taken as the main charater for once, for everyone knows kenny is awesome. and i think it was a good thing we finally see how he comes to be alive after dying all the time. they should try and make another kenny sentered episode, since i really like them. i kinda was hoping to see how he came to never die, and when he said he would sacrefice himself for his friends, i was kinda all like "wow thats so noble of him". and i dont know if i speak for myself or for everyone out there; but damn it was good to see cartman behind bars for once!


I have trouble ever saying that I didn't like a south park episode, but this one (the whole trilogy really) was only just OK. It was a relatively creative episode storywise, but it just wasn't that funny... It also seems like they rushed the ending and didn't make it all that epic, I would be fully on board to forsake some comedy for some epicness, but I believe both were somewhat lacking here. I especially hated the two scenes with cartman "snuggling" or whatever he was doing on chtulu's back. The whole scene with bieber getting killed was by far the funniest part, and I kind of liked the fact that matt and tray were digging deeper into south park mythology with kennys "superpower" But overall I'm glad this trilogy is over. Again, I'm used to south park being downright hilarious growing up, but there's always hope for the next episode. Please go on forever south park.


When Cthulhu and Cartam started walking away near the end, I really thought they were going into 4 part territory. It seemed like the only way to finish everything off would be with a huge curve ball Deus Ex Machina. Which they pulled off, and was Awesome. Miinnt Berryyyyyyy Crrrrrrrrrrruuuuuunch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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South Park Season 14 Episode 13 Quotes

Even Cthulhu knows what evil assholes Stan and Kyle and those guys are and that they are m, uncaring vagina-faces.

Cartman (as The Coon)

Stan: Dude you're freaking out Mint Berry Crunch, he's just peed his pants.
Mint Berry Crunch: No, no, Mint Berry Crunch doesn't ever pee his pants!