Grey's Anatomy Review: The Recovery

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Much of this week’s episode of Grey's Anatomy, "It's a Long Way Back," focused on Callie’s recovery from the car accident. She repeatedly pushed herself to the limit so she could be the mother that she always wanted to be to baby Sofia. 

One of the most moving scenes of the episode occurred when Callie’s friends snuck her to a window so that she could see little Sofia for the first time. Ultimately, Callie and Sofia both recovered, albeit with some bumps in the road, and were allowed to go home. 

Callie Torres On the Mend

Dr. Bailey showed that she is both a great mother and friend when she told Callie that it was ok to worry as a parent and that she needed to take her baby home. 

This week’s episode also proved that Arizona and Mark are capable of parenting together as they did when they communicated by cell phone during Callie’s and the baby’s surgeries. 

Dr. Stark once again showed that he is actually a complicated character when he kindly supported Arizona throughout the episode. At the same time, he refused to help Alex and basically told Alex that he was not reliable.

April seemed to be falling for Dr. Stark, but now he will not give her the time of day. Do you think they work as a couple now?

Alex, meanwhile, had to deal with an extremely difficult, and funny, lung cancer patient. She added a lot of much-needed comic relief to this episode.

After speaking with Arizona, Alex suddenly got the idea to fly in African children who needed surgery. Clearly, he was initially just trying to land the chief residency, but he seemed to actually care about the project by the end of the episode. 

Alex was his usual self when he continued with the project despite having no funds to do so. At the end of the episode, however, his deceased patient came through and left him more than enough money to care for the African children.

Chief Resident Front-Runner

Did you think that this was realistic? It should be interesting to see if Alex remains dedicated to helping the children and really changes and matures. Also, Alex may be in contention for the chief residency at this point. 

Meredith discovered that Adele was worse than the Chief had let on when she found a post-it that said, “This is Richard. Richard is your husband.” Once again, the post-it was a means of critical communication in Grey’s Anatomy and may have represented a turning point in the show.

After Meredith got Adele into the Alzheimer’s clinical trial, she snuck into the pharmacy and switched the trial information to help Adele get the actual drug rather than the placebo. This twist really was not all that surprising given Meredith’s horrible experience with her mother and Alzheimer’s. 

Meredith seemed especially upset when Adele thought that Meredith was Ellis Grey and accused Meredith of having an affair with the Chief. Additionally, it seemed like the Chief sort of impliedly asked Meredith to help Adele at all costs.

Or at least that’s how Meredith may have interpreted his words. 

Do you think that Meredith truly jeopardized the trial? If so, this will clearly cause problems with Derek and Meredith’s relationship in the future.

Elsewhere, Henry and Teddy bonded over Teddy’s bad dates. When Teddy came over to tell Henry that she was in the middle of a great date, Henry became upset.

Given that Henry has repeatedly told Teddy how he feels about her, Teddy’s behavior in this episode seemed pretty heartless. It was sad that Henry had prepared his apartment for a romantic date. Do you think Teddy will end up with Dr. Perkins or Henry? 

What did you think of this week's Grey's Anatomy? Discuss!


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I've loved Grey's Anatomy since it started, but lately I really am beginning to think its time to quit instead of keeping on like they did with er, the stories have really sucked lately and I really don't like were it is going. Callie and Arizona blah, and now the adoption story line. If that is the best storylines that they can come with, then it really must be time to stop. I don't even get excited about thursday night anymore.


How do u all know sofias full name?


My absolute favourite episode of all!! i love it all. Doris Roberts was a gem!! LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!


I have to add that Sofia is the the cutest prettiest happiest adorable little baby I have ever since she is so cute you people have to agree and plus she look like callie mostly I guess the baby didn't come out looking all sloany but how sje act will probably be like him but the will be a whore so nno she will act like him but she do got the sloan nose..


I have to add that Sofia is the the cutest prettiest happiest adorable little baby I have ever since she is so cute you people to agree and plus she look like callieh mostly I guess the baby didn't come out looking all sloany but how sje act will probably be like him


I loved this episode, it was so great. I loved Arizona and Mer, now I'm curious how this whole thing with Meredith will turn out.
But then there is the thing with Alex... I loved him and his storyline, but that is no question anymore, I always love him and the writers seems to have realized finally, that most of the fans love him, thank god. But what I hated about it is, that we once again couls see that the most other characters don't respect him as a doctor and a person) except Mer and Bailey and sometimes Arizona) Nobody could believe that he could do it, not Lexie not even Arizona like she even said. But I don't get it, since midseason 5 he hasn't screwed up anything, even Mer and Christina did mor mistakes than him in the last time, which isn't a bad thing they are only in their 4th year. I hate it when I see what the others say about him behind his back, profesionally like when Mark said that he don't think that Alex could do this plastic sugery at this kid in almost grown, but then Arizona didn't even defend him, she could have told Mark that Alex isn't the Intern anymore who is lazy and can't do anything than screw up. And also personal, like in this episode with the Alex April thing, where Lexie and Jackson said what a bad guy Alex were and how much Lexie would reget it that she slept with him and now she is all bff with him...I don't get it, if they are such good friend, than she shouldn't say things like that! Or the med student episode, at the end whwn the chief congrats Alex and EVERYBODY looks at him like they couldn't understand how alex could be better than them, like it couldn't even be possible that he is a better doctor than April, Jackson or Mer ( Ok, he wanted to get into her pants, but he was a good teacher, he showed her how to do sutures, told her about technics...) Even tody in season 7 it sometimes seems that he is all alone, Ok, he has his best friend moments with Mer or bonding moments with Chris and Arizona, but at the end he is alone, seldom somebody stand up for him.Because of that I was so happy about the Mer/lucy scene , finally somebody stood up for him and told somebody that he is a good guy, we had this maybe five times in the whole show. Sorry about the rant, I just had to get it out of my chest.


That is the cutiest baby ever Sofia Robbin Sloan Torres... that baby is just so cute... and sara ramirez was excellent on this one she just was a actress on these one.


I agree with people saying that this is GREY's anatomy, but I mean the first 4seasons were all about meredith and how she was evolving and changing. Now that she is no longer "dark and twisted" they can focus on other new caracters. But I agree, it's time to go back to the original cast even though I absolutely love Arizona.


To Anna Raidon - Our child was a 25 weeker in the nicu for 17 weeks. It isn't realistic to think that a 23 weeker would go home after just 12 weeks, but I remind myself that this is tv. Sofia serves a purpose in the story so they can only be so realistic. They can't show her on three different vents, three trials of endo to close a pda, a punctured lung by a dr inserting a central line, having nec or suffering from a floppy airway, etc. They can't show the tortuous eye exams. I found it interesting that they didn't say how lucky the child was a girl as we know micropreemie girls have a better chance of living. It goes on. Once you have lived in the nicu with your child, you learn things no one should. You are on a preemie roller coaster ride with no one at the wheel and no seat belts available. Grey's Anatomy is just an hour long tv show - not the reality we have lived. I appreciate the efforts the show has made and enjoyed seeing Arizona, Callie, Mark and Sofia leave the hospital together. I hope we see more of Sofia as she is adorable!


Since we know that Scott Foley has signed on to do another show on CBS as a cardiologist, I think I would expect Henry to die on this show. After all, how many organs can they take out of the man? He lost a kidney and a piece of pancreas, and had some tumor near his heart. Seriously, this seems to be an illness you can get over. Also, Shonda said that if you are not a doctor, you really don't have much of a place on a show like this. That's why Teddy and Henry scenes seem so divorced from anything going on in the hospital.

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