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I will run the risk of sounding like a broken record, but I am loving this South Park year of the fan weekly creation cycle.

Our little friends in Colorado have always been the fastest scripted show, animated or non, to poke fun at current events, but including Bin Laden references just three days after his death!?

Funnybot Picture

While I'm sure the main premise and script was written for "Funnybot" shortly after Stone and Parker begrudgingly accepted their award at The Comedy Awards last month, the Tyler Perry as Bin Laden and bringing Obama in all take to take place within the last 48 hours.

Just from a logistic standpoint alone, it's ridiculously impressive this show is able be animated and updated in such a short period. Then from a writing standpoint, either the guys lucked out and already planned on killing Perry in their script and simply needed to insert a few Obama scenes and references, or they really are that quick and impressive.

Sorry. I swear, that's hopefully my last Year of the Fan ramble. Now on to the actual content of the ridiculousness that was South Park's special ed department's 1st Annual Comedy Awards!

First off, I will say that the concept of an awards show just for comedy is a little silly, but I'm sure very few people share the hatred that Stone and Parker do.

Like most of the world, I didn't catch the ridiculous awards show, but I was told the guys compared winning an award for a show airing on the networking hosting the award show was the equivalent of winning student of the month when you're homeschooled.

Okay, maybe that wasn't an exact quote, but clearly you can see these guys had even more disdain built up.  Enough to devote an entire episode to mocking the Comedy Central's efforts and the state of comedy in general.  Imagine if they lost.

So while I prefer when the guys pick a target to satire that I share more in common with their beliefs, this episode luckily had enough on Tyler Perry and other forms of comedy that are destroying the genre, nay, humanity, to keep me entertained.

Making Token and Obama the only people to laugh at Tyler Perry?  Offensive for sure.  Hilarious?  You know it.  Even better was Token just directly handing him money. "Stop giving Tyler Perry money or he won't go away."  Please world, heed their advice so we don't ever get another Madea movie.

While I won't claim to be quick enough to pick up on every type of comedy that Funnybot was parody of, I did love the generic substitution jokes and the "Awkward!" Claiming that our dumbifcation of comedy and taking it too seriously will lead to our destruction is obviously ridiculous.  But that's how South Park's satire works.

No, it wasn't the strongest episode of the show's history, nor was it my favorite topic they've ever took on, but the episode was still loaded with plenty of South Park quotes and jokes. And those jokes sure beat anything Funnybot could write.

What did you guys think?  And was anyone else rooting for the Yupik Eskimos?  How could you say a people with scientists that wear labcoats over their lederhosen aren't hilarious!?


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Am I the only one who laughed at the special ed kid trying to sing the theme song at the awards? "Duh nuh duh nuh duh nuh. Duh-nuh duhnuhduhnuh!" I'm laughing just thinking about it.


I as a German was shocked. Okay, the German comedy culture indeed sucks, and we can take a joke. And I'm not insulted by that whatsoever, I like laughing at myself and my people. (However, compared to other episodes this one really hit rock bottom humor-wise) Apparently the SP producers did not even bother hiring one freaking German native speaker for this episode. You could hear the translation mistakes that you would typically find in GoogleTranslations. Same thing goes with the pronouncation: I had serious trouble understanding anything. I just don't understand how they produce a show that sells for millions and millions of dollars and then do not even hire a German teacher or a German homeless person that tells them how to do it correctly. That wouldn't even have been an expenditure of more than $100. But yeah, all in all this episode was quite weak! Let's hope they'll improve throughout the season.


I have always loved South Park but this season is starting off very weak! I'm not liking it so far. It's like they're trying to make crappy episodes to see how far they can push it. A sad disappointment ....NOT LOL

@ Aston Di Angelo

I feel like the guys use very little voiceovers regardless of the need in any episode. Most of their characters sound alike and youbcan usually tell exactly whom is voicing whom. All characters sound like vulgar american white folk and I've always assumed that was just a defining characteristic of the show


@Dean and @Focus - Exactly what spf said.


I have been a South Park fan for over 10 years now and I have to say that this episode was the least funny I’ve ever seen. It was absolutely uninteresting. The only thing I really laughed about was when they were announcing the nominees to the least funny ppl in the world and the pictures of the Japanese, Germans and Eskimos were displayed with that typical patronizing Parker & stone-manner that has worked so well over the years! That was my lone hilarious moment. I guess I was expecting something on that fool Donal Trump with his ridiculous hairstyle and dreadful racist declarations. I think that would have been beneficial for the views and ratings of the show and a real boost for the 15th season, which has only been dreadful so far…

Bobbie whited

Oh i forgot to give the writers a nod for the dalek funny bot, i had a doctor who fangasm.

Bobbie whited

First ep was better, but this was still hilarious and does anyone else think Tyler Perry just wants to be woman i mean all his movie he either has a strong female lead or is the strong female lead.


I think season 15 is dissapointing so far =/ both episodes i was just like "oh.. it ended", season 14 was amazing and this is not I didnt notice any osama references apart from the drawing on Funnybots wall It is great however that South Park only very recently killed off Osama... American swat guy drops next to him and shoots him in the head then radios "we got him" coincidence?


focus- the reference they are talking about is when the killed tylar perry and obama came out and with the same background as sunday night and started talking to the american people about the successful mission to kill tylar perry


There was no Obama reference, except perhaps for a sketch on a wall somepeople mention that I did not see. If you're talking about the robot murdering the audience, and the reporter laughing about it, no, that was not a Osama reference although some blogger seem to think anything showing violence was an Obama reference. The killer robot scene was part of the overall story leading to the robot being confused about its role in comedy and the world, and humans etc. I was disappointed that the SP boys did NOT do ANYTHING significant to mention Osama. They CAN do that overnight turnaround, but for some reason this time they did not.

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Dude an award show just for comedy sounds like a bad idea.