South Park Review: "You're Getting Old"

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Wow. Normally, I like to wait until the following morning to post my reviews, but this week's South Park left me with the desire to share my take with fellow fans. Greetings, TV Fanatics!

Happy Birthday Stan!

Tonight was the South Park mid-season finale and, boy, did Matt Stone and Trey Parker know how to end things. All season, I've heard critics complaining that the two have lost interest in their show and would rather be working on their musical and other projects.

But seldom did it I believe it was true. Sure, this season has only been average, but there's been some decent episodes and some great ones over the last few weeks. So you could imagine I didn't believe Stone and Parker were done with their sitcom until the comedic geniuses expressed their opinions through Sharon and Randy's failed marriage.

"It's like the same story keeps happening every week, only it keeps getting more and more ridiculous."

Obviously, 15 seasons in, the guys are allowed to get sick of their show. But after giving me all these years of brilliant satires, where will I tune into to see fourth graders rip on the NCAA or medicinal marijuana?  Okay, before I spend anymore time lamenting the possible loss of my favorite series, it might be time to discuss this week's adventure, "You're Getting Old."

By now, all South Park fans have probably been able to identify with Stan's growing older at least once in their lives to appreciate the dubstep 'tween wave sounding like shit. Hopefully, you don't have the condition of being a cynical asshole, where even treasured Adam Sandler, Jim Carrey and Kevin James movies look like shit.

Meanwhile, as Sharon pointed out, there was the ever ridiculous Randy back to re-claim his youth. This time around he put down his World of Warcraft armor, and picked back up his guitar as Steamy Ray Vaughn. Pretty clever to see him trying to imitate the "shit" sound he heard in his head while listening to the kids' music as he played live.

The scene stealers, meanwhile, were the two little old men who analyzed the 'tween years and sought to save the breeches of Steamie Ray Vaughn and Nicks. Speaking of Steamie Nicks, let's hand back to the ending set to her lovely song, Landslide.

I'm not sure which was tougher, watching Sharon and Randy separate or watching Stan's innocence end. Or maybe it was watching Cartman and Kyle become friends. No, it was definitely just realizing that South Park was coming to an end.

Well, at least Parker and Stone are contractually obligated to give us seven more episodes. Suckers. But if tonight was any indication, at least they decided to shake things up for the last seven and won't just keep telling the same story over and over again.

For that and the lasting impact, I'm giving this episode the highest score of the season. And, personally, especially after this rambling review, I'm ready to welcome the end of this show's glorious era and can't wait to see where they'll take us. You?


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P.s. after i realised this i have to say that this two guys are geniuses


I think the end of the episode was horrible, but i think they didnt on porpouse to make an irony about seeing everything as shit. I noticed cuz at first i thought the end was shit but after a couple of minutes i realized that what i thought was ecxaclty what they wanted me to think so then i would be like stan saying that the episode was shit and i would laugh even after the show...


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I don't think it's about playing an acoustic instrument or working on a synthesizer. It's about being original and truly meaning what your song is about. I hate lots of guitar + singing tracks as much as lots of electro stuff, but on the other side, theres music from both genres that i do love. For example Andy McKee is amazing, and so ist Deadmau5. That said, i think this episode is more about people hating on stuff too much, and not enjoying life because of that. Just as Randy said: Life seems short :)


Hey...incase you didnt know...They are signed on with CC to keep doing episodes until 2013...thats like 2 more seasons...its gonna be okay.


i love southpark an miss it neeeeaaaddd mooorre dddoowwwnn lllllooaaaddd pppllllleeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzz xxxx shit fukkin hot britannia uk


Who the h*ell is Mark Stiegel? Chef was played by Isaac Hayes.


I can only hope and pray that The Simpsons would take note and do the same. I mean.. South Park has had it's ups and downs... but it's been a solid show... the Simpsons... have just been unfunny and sad.


The guy who plays Chef left the show, Mark Stiegel, because he was offended as a scientologist, and not only that, but he is dead, so no one will be seeing Chef again. :(


I just watched the episode. End when it ended i was shocked.
It was a sad ending. Sharon and randy... And stan... Did South park realy ended?

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