South Park Review: "The Last of the Meheecans"

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Tonight was the first South Park episode since the "6 Day to Air" special and I couldn't help but watch it in a new light. Every new scene, location and musical number suddenly turned into extra hours in the night for the crew. Man, it'll be tough to criticize anything about this show ever again.

Oh, so where was I? Man, this episode was weak.

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Okay, so it wasn't that bad. It's just after a great season premiere that stuck so well to the show's amazing formula, this a little timid. Sure, the episode still came with a little satire and message about the failing America, but it just didn't have the usual craziness of South Park.

Granted, it still had its laughs. There was an out-of-control Cartman joining the U.S. Border Patrol that was remnant of his classic cop days. And I never get sick of Butters. Or Mexican jokes. Viva Mantequilla!

It's just the satire of America wasn't nearly as controversial as it could have been. The most biting line was uttered by a Border patrol man. "When we asked Obama to stop illegal immigrants, we didn't mean to make America so shitty they wouldn't come anymore."

Hopefully Parker and Stone can turn to the ridiculousness that is Occupy Wall Street if they're looking for a little political satire.

But reverse immigration aside, the real question is where was cynical Stan in all of this? Maybe I need to re-watch "The Last of the Meheecans," but I definitely saw the elder Marshes with no sign of one of the show's main characters. Maybe life really is moving on for the little guy.

Though I really have to give them credit. What other show could have a sleepover game escalate into an international crisis. Base! What did everyone else think of the half hour?  


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"You know why girls wear make-up and perfume? Cause they're ugly and they stink."
Craig "I was enthralled by the dialogue."
Clyde "At least I have a butthole Kyle."
Cartman No!!!!!!(Darth Vader Voice)
Randy Marsh This episode is filled with great lines.


Wow guys, okay that was all I was asking, if he was in it. I still need to re-watch it after the 9 million other things on my DVR. Chill out guys, as I said, I enjoyed the episode. I just wanted the craziness that's been the last few seasons which has a little more "out there" plot lines. And I absolutely do love hearing what other South Park fans say. That's why I cover this show for the site.


You asked what we all thought. Make up your mind. Stan was in the episode! Within the first 15 seconds he speaks. Remember Stand telling butters kyle was a better leader? And then they all get through Cartman's fort? Do you watch this show? If you are the only SP fan on tv fanatic maybe this website it better without one.


OMG! Did you not watch the episode! Stan was in it! Awesome episode! Laughed all the time! Sorry dude but you really don't get it. I have to ask you the same question as "south park fan" did; is this your first season?


Omg, Stan WAS in the episode. He crossed the fake boarder with the rest of the kids, and he said "Butters you're just not a leader." Twice. The whole point is everything's back to normal now, and like someone else said, even if Stan wasn't in this episode that's normal for south park because the focus on a few characters an episode.


@THETeRM - You don't find it odd that Stan was missing after two episodes of major character development?


5/5 THIS WAS CLEARLY A CLASSIC EP OF SOUTH PARK. and if this reviewer is the only writer for this site that watches south park ya'll dont know snot about TV.


@Eric Hochberger That's exactly why you don't get it. Certain characters frequent certain episodes. Matt & Trey do what they want to. Furthermore, I very, very much disagree... The Last Of The Meheecans was absolutely hysterical! Anyone notice the animation glitch at about 2:20? There were 2 Cartmans.


The last couple seasons seem mediocre. After seeing 6 Days to Air I finally understand why: they don't create a finished product. It seems like parts of the episode weren't fleshed out and they put fillers in to stretch the time. Maybe they should do episodes every other week.


This is episode was brilliant. Honestly loved it. I dont think there was anything wrong with it, it had a parody of life of brian, in perhaps the only way it could be parodied! Cartman was just brilliant and the south park kids do come up with the best games to play. When i saw butters was getting a story, was a little negative but im glad they did. This shows that there still going strong, sure there is an undertone about the economy but even if we didnt have a bad economy! 6 Days to air did make me see the show in a new light too.

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