South Park Review: RIP, Clyde Frog

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With the ridiculousness that is the Occupy movement, it was only a matter of time before Matt Stone and Trey Parker gave the protestors the South Park treatment.

This movement was paralleled by our fourth graders through the use of a Presidential Physical Fitness examination, making Cartman the "1%" and the rest of his class the 99%, all while giving an easy direct link to the Obama administration.

1 Percent Picture

While South Park is never a stranger to satire nor stating its politically incorrect views, I can't remember the last time Stone and Parker were so direct. They gave Cartman some pretty ridiculous quotes, such as:

I'll tell you why you're protesting, because you all think it's wrong to be pissed at a black president... | permalink

Aside from Cartman insinuating that people were blaming Wall Street and not the President because in our society "black people are incapable of doing anything wrong," the show had plenty more to mock about the protests.

One of my favorite bits was them mocking how liberally the word Occupy has been placed on everything from their Occupy Red Robin to the even more ridiculous Occupy the Rest Room. Personally, I've seen people holding Occupy signs designed for street corners.

Then there were the fifth graders that just had to mess things up when they couldn't just allow a single party 99% and had to break it down into 83%, 0.17%, and even a few little 5 percenters. Doesn't that just perfectly exemplify the flaw of the whole movement?

Meanwhile, throughout it all, our racist little Cartman was just trying to figure out who was killing off his toys, one by one, seemingly part of the 1% liberal Jew persecution. Of course, there was the clever, messed up ending reveal when it was just our little man growing up. Are we going to end up with two cynical fourth graders now?

Overall, I thought it was a great satire loaded with laughs and it did something South Park hasn't done to me in awhile: shocked me. But I'm sure you guys will still find a reason to hate my review and make me feel like the one percent. Let me go find my Clyde Frog to complain to. At least he thinks I'm cool. Oh wait. RIP Clyde Frog. You will be missed...


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You all are missing the most important issue here: the tragic deaths of Clyde Frog and Cartman's stuffed friends. They made for some of the funniest scenes on the show, and no one episode can justify their senseless demise. Anyways, the episode was really about our failure to address the epidemic of plush toy-on-Plush toy violence in America.


You're making it pretty obvious you have no idea what an internship is or what it's for. Want to take another crack at it? Maybe once you actually start an education that involves one?


Uf...if the South park guys were out of a job and made to do unpaid internships like most young ppl are, they would have been singing a different tune with this episode. Too bad. Seems like they r out of touch with their own target audience.


Hey john, Im pretty sure this episode was pointed straight at you, so no wonder you didnt like it.


I didn't like the episode because it kept implying that the protesters at the Occupy movement were responsible for the current financial situation because people elected Barack Obama as president. The episode wasn't very smart and completely skirted the real issues being protested by the Occupy movements that target fractional reserve banking practices which have dominated America's financial structure. Their fun poking wasn't thought provoking or even relevant. The creators of South Park are out of touch.


Tac, when do you think Matt and Trey agree with Cartman? When he hates on gingers, when he does a Nazi rally through South Park, when he gives Kyle HIV? They said Cartman was one of their favorites because he represented the dark side in each of us. Maybe you confused that with agreeing? Rick, it was Obama who made the law punishing the 99%. Blaming him is not ridiculous at all.


Pretty sure the varying and somewhat ridiculous comments are the kind of response Matt and Trey are usually looking to invoke! Good satire pushes peoples buttons in loads of different ways!


I can't believe how badly the conservatives want to twist this episode to fit their world view. In the episode, the 99% have a ligitimate complaint. They all suffer even though only Cartman is fat. The rest of the class is actually above avergae in fitness. So when Cartmen (the guilty one percent) says it's all Obama's fault, the claim is ridiculuous, as ridiculous as the posts on this site.


Trey and Matt have admitted in the past that they often agree with Cartman. By that admission, it is very safe to say they agreed with cartman's views in this episode while still poking fun at him a little bit.


pretty good ep. not nearly as funny as the last 3 or 4 episodes but i think when i watch it again tonight i'll like it more. and i agree people are reading into it too much. as south park episodes make me do also sometimes but then i have to remind myself that trey and matt are trying to tell a story. i agree they bashed the media more than the actual protests. and cartman having a "tea party" telling his imaginary friends that no one liked him nemore was a slap in the face to republicans that think that anyone with half a brain believes a word they tell us. just like cartman talking to imaginary friends. spot on sp. spot on. p.s. butters still calling maria shriver skeletor had me in stiches. butters is the greatest.

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I'll tell you why you're protesting, because you all think it's wrong to be pissed at a black president...