Two and a Half Men Review: Awful Alan

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As board member of Walden Loves Bridgette Enterprises, Alan remained true to what's been a season-long theme on Two and a Half Men this week: the guy acted like the biggest scum bag ever.

Fighting for Walden

I can handle scum baggery, but the very idea of the man suddenly giving up his loyalty to Walden for a red Porsche and a touch from Walden's mother - that could only be described as "Slowly and in a Circular Fashion" - seemed ridiculous, considering he passed on selling on Walden's very expensive rhodium wedding band.

Now, suddenly, the irritating little douche required a multi-million dollar bribe of his name on the Malibu beach home to remain a loyal friend? Sure, I'll buy it for the purpose of this episode. But it's going to make me look at Alan a little differently the rest of the season.

The episode was also too dependent on Walden and his new array of supporting characters (Bridgette, Zoe, and Robin), all of whom were situated around the board room table.

After the midseason finale, I realized the series was going to closey follow the show's new Rose, Bridgette. And that's fine, I know Judy Greer is more than capable as taking over as the resident crazy lady. However, this week, she appeared much too sane, plotting with Robin to protect Walden's money from his investments. All this talk of fiduciary responsibility was far too... sensible. After driving through the house, I'm going to need a little something more than mother manipulation.

All in favor of never heading back to the Walden Loves Alan Enterprises board room? Aye. And bringing back more old Men supporting cast members? Seconded.


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Comparing Monday night's creepfest with a classic episode like "Does This Smell Funny to You?" (the one with Orson Bean) only reminds me of how far this series is fallen. And no matter what Allan does for Walden, they still can't make me believe he'd still be living there.


Comparing Monday night's creepfest with a classic episode like "Does This Smell Funny To You?" (the one with Orson Bean), only reminds me of how far this series has fallen.


If Lorre doesn't want to bring back Charlie, just the program die. This is so pathetic. Kutcher sucks! Just bring the old cast back and go on! Otherwise, these "stars" and supporting cast members might just as well head for the unemployment line right now. Stop insulting the viewers!


Alan used to be a character I could sympathize with, now he is one I can only hate. They have taken it too far with him, he was never THIS slimy.


When it comes to best episode this season, it's a tie between this one and the one Jenny McCarthy appeared in. Alan was hilarious, like when he was singing in the bathtub. Then there was the red Porsche. The thing about Alan is that he does these bad, stupid things but it's not because he's particularly evil, it's because he's weak. That's why it's funny. Last time when Mimi Rogers made her first appearance on the show, I wished that the plot had been more sexual. Well, with this episode the wait was over. Finally, by far the funniest moment in this episode was the "moving light" that moved into the ocean.

Sue ann

Alan used to just be pathetic. Now he is downright venal, and heading for vermin status. This episode was offensive, and I actually like the actors who portray Alan and Walden, usually. This was really not good.


Like I've said before, thank god for reruns & my dvd collection of the original/new series "back in the day!" Kutcher is pathetic. Period. He's not funny in ANY SHOW in my opinion. I can't stand to watch even a few minutes of it anymore. It's too bad...


Way better off watching the reruns! Walden isn't funny, way too fuckn stupid to be a billionaire, and the writers have made Alan a immoral douchebag! If u have to be obvious to try to get a laugh, then its not funny. Charlie could never be called moral, but they didn't have to write the raunchy and somewhat disgusting material with him to get the laughs. Bad acting, bad writing, just plain bad!


Gets worse every week. Enough is enough. Shut it down already instead of letting it die a slow painful death


The Alan character is horrible and has been on a steady decline for tha last several years. Too weird, too gross, too nasty, too dirty and sleazy but not in the way Charlie was. Although the Charlie character was going downhill the last year also. Same goes for Berta.
Watching re-runs of the earlier years is the way to go. The new ones are no good and a waste of time.

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Walden: You've mistaken tooth paste for lubricant?
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