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Alan to the rescue? Walden enlists his pal's help on this episode in order to maintain control of his company. His ex-wife and mother attempt to wrestle it away.

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Maybe Alan won't disgust me so much now that he has an income. My expectations for this next episode are very low!


I do not recall the last time I was so aware of the "audience" laughter. On the other hand, I compliment the writers on how they managed to give Alan a new source of a steady income.

Two and a Half Men Season 9 Episode 12 Quotes

Walden: You've mistaken tooth paste for lubricant?
Alan: Just once and it stung like hell, but my penis was minty fresh.
Walden: How did you know it was minty fresh?
Alan: Years of yoga and loneliness.

Alan: Can i tell women it's mine?
Walden: Why would you stop now?