Two and a Half Men Review: Awful Alan

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As board member of Walden Loves Bridgette Enterprises, Alan remained true to what's been a season-long theme on Two and a Half Men this week: the guy acted like the biggest scum bag ever.

Fighting for Walden

I can handle scum baggery, but the very idea of the man suddenly giving up his loyalty to Walden for a red Porsche and a touch from Walden's mother - that could only be described as "Slowly and in a Circular Fashion" - seemed ridiculous, considering he passed on selling on Walden's very expensive rhodium wedding band.

Now, suddenly, the irritating little douche required a multi-million dollar bribe of his name on the Malibu beach home to remain a loyal friend? Sure, I'll buy it for the purpose of this episode. But it's going to make me look at Alan a little differently the rest of the season.

The episode was also too dependent on Walden and his new array of supporting characters (Bridgette, Zoe, and Robin), all of whom were situated around the board room table.

After the midseason finale, I realized the series was going to closey follow the show's new Rose, Bridgette. And that's fine, I know Judy Greer is more than capable as taking over as the resident crazy lady. However, this week, she appeared much too sane, plotting with Robin to protect Walden's money from his investments. All this talk of fiduciary responsibility was far too... sensible. After driving through the house, I'm going to need a little something more than mother manipulation.

All in favor of never heading back to the Walden Loves Alan Enterprises board room? Aye. And bringing back more old Men supporting cast members? Seconded.


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Honestly, the BEST episode of the new season (aside from the season premiere, which was down right hilarious). Its was nicely paced and i didnt mind the focus on waldens mother and ex0wife. Ashton kutcher was at his almost best in comedy this episode and John cryer was of course rocking it! NOt a bad epsidoe 7.5/10!!


Clients, Dina? Your terrible English tells me it's just a fantasy you have.


This time I really noticed the "audience" laughter.


I think any excuse to give up loyalty to Walden is a good excuse.
Any reason to turn your back on Walden is a good reason.


Frankly speaking the show has run its course why even bother to continue filming. In fact Alan was so funny in the other show and his humor is not shown to its fullest in the remake, Jake needs to be shown more because he is quite capable of making us laugh.I think that Ashton Kutcher was a bad choice for the show. I still watch it though it is just a habit now.


Continued from other comment As to the changing plotline, giving Alan his name on the deed, presumably as a part-owner and not the sole owner, will change the show dynamics significantly. No longer is he Alan the leech who has to connive to stay in the malibu beach home; his name on the deed gives him that right. Instead, as part-owner, and Alan has never known limits, we will get to see, assuming we watch, what limitless depths of depravity and manipulation he will sink to. NOT. Count me out.


I quit watching a few weeks ago and decided to give one more try. I should have known better. The show and writing is worse than ever. This show had absolutely no redeeming social value and is worse than pornography. I mean, what values would a person learn from this? Women, use sexual favors to get what you want? Men, sell your soul to the highest bidder, and then, sell it again? Eric, you are so right, douchebag alan has slid into despicable alan. No wonder our society is so messed up with programming like this. Now, i am no right winger, and conservative i am not, but this TV show actually had me agreeing with them, just this once.


The show is so bad after Charlie I m telling all my clients to don't even bother to watching , I think they really could find someone better the Alan to replace Charlie or call him back and give the guy another chance. And if you guys don't agree , you can always call me and I will let you know how we can make this show very funny again. Dina from Florida 239 822 6822.


The old members are sorely missed. They were much funnier. I agree, there is too much bathroom humor, much more so than in the past. In this segment, it does appear that Walden seems to be losing his goofiness which is a slight plus and Alan is becoming a little "sicker" with shaving his legs in the bathtub. The good news is that at the end of the show, Walden has placed Alan as a co-owner on the deed to the house. This in fact, may lay the groundwork for a future exit of Walden in case "Ashton Kutcher" is not renewed for the show. The other characters were extremely important to the whole concept of the show. Without them, the show is far different and a lot less interesting and fun. I give the show a 50/50 chance in succeeding next year under the same scenario it is today.


I think the writers could do a better job. They act like they don't care about the show anymore since Charlie is gone. I always thought Alan was funnier. They need to calm down on the filth. We don't need that to make us laugh. The best part of last night show was Alan running into the ocean on fire.

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